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Mary Talks Filming Action Scenes and The Avengers in New Interview

In a new interview with AsiaOne, Mary discussed missing out on action scenes in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and about screen-testing as SHIELD agent Maria Hill for The Avengers. I’ve posted part of the interview, the rest can be read by clicking the link above:

Winstead, who is best known for her performances in Quentin Tarantino’s cult hit, Death Proof (2007), graphic novel-adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) and last year’s sci-fi flick The Thing, is far from pleased about the “relative ease” she enjoyed in her role as Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

“I’m actually very jealous,” said the North Carolina native with a laugh, during a round table interview with reporters at The Ritz-Carlton Central Park.

“When I first signed on to do this movie, I was happy to take a break from action, as I had just finished Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, for which I did three months of martial arts training.

“Then, one day, I saw people doing stunts on set and I was like, ‘Oh man, I wish I could be one of them!’

“I remember I had a particular scene with Erin (Wasson) where she did a flip backwards…Right then, I was trying to stand up in my seat, because I wanted to do that too.”

On missing out playing the role of Agent Maria Hill in The Avengers, which went to Cobie Smulders:

“It was a matter of timing,” she explained.”At that time (during casting of The Avengers), I was more excited to find something small, which I felt would be the right type of project for me. So I did (indie flick) Smashed and it went to the Sundance Film Festival and got really good reviews.”

Mary also talked a little bit about her marriage towards the end, and about her new moves we’ll be seeing in an upcoming movie:

“I’m in this new movie where I have a small kick-boxing scene,” she said.

“After I made my moves, everyone was visibly surprised…Some asked me, ‘how did you know how to do that?'”


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Mary Talks A Good Day to Die Hard and Scott Pilgrim Sequel

During today’s press junket for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, RamaScreen was one of the many people invited to the event and they had the opportunity to ask Mary about whether she’d appear in Die Hard 5 AKA A Good Day to Die Hard.

Now as you know, the fifth installment is on its way and it focuses on John and his son in Europe. But I asked Mary if she’s taking part in this installment, if we’d see Lucy McClane at in A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. The following is her brief answer…

“It’s possible, I can’t say for sure. I actually don’t know at this point but it’s a possibility.”

Of course, nothing is confirmed now, but she could always make a cameo appearance. Better than nothing I suppose.

She was also asked of a possible Scott Pilgrim sequel and said it’s not going to happen.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think that’ll ever happen unfortunately. It got a growing fanbase and people are still watching it and that’s really great but I don’t foresee a sequel”

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Heading to WonderCon 2012

It has been announced that a panel for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be heading to WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA. The event takes place March 16-18. Here’s the info that’s been released:

20th Century Fox: Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…in 3D— 20th Century Fox and WonderCon attendees have two big reasons to celebrate the year’s event. You’ll also meet this country’s 16th president and first superhero — Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which explores the secret life of our greatest leader, and the untold story that shaped our nation. The filmmakers will screen special footage, which presents the visionary work of producer Tim Burton and director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted), who bring a fresh and visceral voice to the classic portrayal of the bloodthirsty vampire, while imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead. Ballroom, Third Level.

No word yet on who’s actually attending (likely director Timur is going). Cast wise I’m not sure, but when more info. is released, I’ll be sure to update you guys. ALVH’s panel will be on St. Patrick’s Day and take place from 1:15-2:15 pm.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joins A.C.O.D.!

It’s just been announced that Mary Elizabeth has joined Stuart Zicherman’s comedy, A.C.O.D. with a cast that includes Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins and Jane Lynch.

Mary will play the role of Lauren Stinger, a long-time girlfriend of Carter (Scott) and the rock in his increasingly chaotic life.

Mary’s next roles include Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Smashed.

A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce) is about a grown man who discovers that he was enlisted in a study about divorced children many years ago. When he’s ushered into a present-day follow-up study, it wrecks new havoc on his family.

Congrats on your new role, Mary!!

P.S., since it’s not mentioned in the article, I think it’s a safe bet to say she’s not starring in The Darkness.

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Could Mary Be in 300 Sequel?

This is what MTV thinks anyway. A 300 sequel will soon begin filming and Mary’s The Thing co-star Joel Edgerton has already been cast, so MTV is thinking of actresses who could potentially play the role of Artemisia. Historical paintings depict Artemisia as a buxom brunette, and she is also being described for the film as manipulative and alluring.

Director Noam Murro is apparently not looking for a “star” in the role, and is planning to start testing actresses for the past over the next couple of weeks. Moviehole also asks who would be a good female lead for the role. So, would you guys like to see Mary in the 300 sequel? This is all speculation at the moment. No word on who will be testing for the role as of yet.

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Mary’s Not Coming Back for DH5, Updates Us On Upcoming Projects

Two days ago, Mary talked a little about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and in part 2 of her interview with The Playlist, Mary reveals more about ALVH, Smashed and Die Hard 5. Click on the Playlist link above to read the full interview, where she talks more about Smashed and her rumored role in The F-Word.

On Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter:

“When it starts out, we’re very young and just dating and courting and it takes it right up to the presidency and the assassination and everything. So I got to span the life of someone from 19 to 46 and really go from this feisty young woman into this sort of force of nature who’s helping her husband fight along with the country. It was a really fun role to play.”

Aside from the vampires of course, ‘Lincoln’ will be a largely historically accurate telling of the president’s life. “It’s our real history of America [as if] we really did have vampires amongst us. Abraham Lincoln, during his presidency and fights against slavery, was also fighting against these vampires and the evil that was existing in our country. It’s sort of this wild action/adventure period piece,” she added.

On Die Hard 5:

I’m assuming I will not be [in that] because I have not heard anything,” Winstead laughs. “But it’s cool, all the updates and everything. I’m excited to see what happens with it.”

About Smashed:

“[Aaron Paul and I] play a married couple who are both alcoholics. It’s a really great script. Basically my character hits rock bottom really hard and decides to get sober, but he has no interest in getting sober. And it’s just about how our relationship kind of disintegrates because of it,” she elaborated.


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Mary Elizabeth is Set to Get SMASHED

Oh wow! This is such fantastic news! We’re finally going to see Mary in a dramedy & the plot sounds great! Perfect opportunity for audiences to see Mary show the talent we know she truly has. 🙂 Here’s part of the announcement via Variety:

Super Crispy Entertainment is lining up an impressive cast for its latest project “Smashed,” as “The Thing” heroine Mary Elizabeth Winstead and “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul are in negotiations to topline the indie dramedy, while Octavia Spencer, the breakout star of “The Help,” and “Parks and Recreation” thesp Nick Offerman are in negotiations to co-star.

Loosely described as a modern day take on Blake Edwards’ 1962 drama “Days of Wine and Roses,” pic stars Winstead and Paul as a married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol. Their relationship is put to the test when the wife decides to get sober and attend AA meetings.

Spencer is in talks to play Winstead’s close friend and sponsor, while Offerman is in talks to play an assistant principal at the elementary school where the protag teaches.

Filming starts in November.

Congratulations, Mary! This is really exciting!

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Pre-Order THE THING Soundtrack!

Hey, everyone! If you’re looking forward to THE THING when it gets released this October, you can now pre-order the film’s soundtrack over at Amazon. The soundtrack will be available on October 11, three days before the film’s release.

Here’s the soundtrack listing:

1.  God’s Country Music (1:27)
2.  Road To Antarctica (2:41)
3.  Into The Cave (:39)
4.  Eye Of The Survivor (2:25)
5.  Meet And Greet (2:55)
6.  Autopsy (3:08)
7.  Cellular Activity (1:32)
8.  Finding Filling (3:25)
9.  Well Done (1:32)
10.  Female Persuasion (4:51)
11.  Survivors (3:28)
12.  Open Your Mouth (4:20)
13.  Antarctic Standoff (3:03)
14.  Meating Of The Minds (4:28)
15.  Sander Sucks At Hiding (2:22)
16.  Can’t Stand The Heat (2:10)
17.  Following Sander’s Lead (2:39)
18.  In The Ship (2:39)
19.  Sander Bucks (:45)
20.  The End (2:33)
21.  How Did You Know? (2:29)

Additionally, I have added the soundtrack cover and back cover to the gallery.

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Scott Pilgrim VS The World Receives 8 Noms in This Year’s Scream Awards

Scott Pilgrim VS The World has received 8 nominations at this year’s SPIKE TV’s SCREAM Awards. The categories include:

  1. Best Director– Edgar Wright
  2. Best SCREAM-Play–Scott Pilgrim VS The World
  3. Best Villain– All of Ramona’s seven evil exes
  4. Best Supporting Actress– Ellen Wong (Knives)
  5. Best Supporting Actor- Kieran Culkin (Wallace Wells)
  6. Fight Scene of the Year– The final fight scene between Michael Cera, Ellen Wong and Jason Schwartzman in Scott Pilgrim
  7. Best Comic Book Movie– Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
  8. The Ultimate SCREAM– Scott Pilgrim Vs  the World

While I think part of the nominations list is ridiculous, partly because Mary wasn’t even remotely nominated and the film didn’t get more nominations where it should have, I still think we should all try our best to vote everyday and help the movie win some, if not all, categories. The film was fantastic in every way.

The SCREAM awards will be airing on October 18 so be sure to tell your friends and VOTE!

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Next Movie Names Mary as One of Fall 2011’s Biggest Breakout Stars

Next Movie compiled a list of 15 actors and actresses who they believe will be the biggest fall breakout stars of 2011. Among them was our very own Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Here’s what they had to say about her:

In this prequel to John Carpenter’s terrifying 1982 movie, Winstead takes a flamethrower to her “Scott Pilgrim” alter ego Ramona Flowers, not to mention a whole buttload of slimy, gooey, awful aliens. While we loved Ramona’s cool style and multicolored hair, it’s great to see Winstead as a parka-wearing scientist caught in the middle of an increasingly horrific situation. (Not to mention that Carpenter’s “The Thing” was all dudes, all the time.) We’ll be seeing more of Winstead next summer as Mary Todd Lincoln in Timur Bekmambetov’s big screen adaptation of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” alongside Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, and Anthony Mackie. So protect your neck — Ms. Winstead’s coming.

Mary’s star has always shined, it’s only a matter of time until the rest of Hollywood and the rest of the world notices if you ask me. Best wishes to Mary and her career. 🙂