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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Heading to WonderCon 2012

It has been announced that a panel for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be heading to WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA. The event takes place March 16-18. Here’s the info that’s been released:

20th Century Fox: Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…in 3D— 20th Century Fox and WonderCon attendees have two big reasons to celebrate the year’s event. You’ll also meet this country’s 16th president and first superhero — Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which explores the secret life of our greatest leader, and the untold story that shaped our nation. The filmmakers will screen special footage, which presents the visionary work of producer Tim Burton and director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted), who bring a fresh and visceral voice to the classic portrayal of the bloodthirsty vampire, while imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead. Ballroom, Third Level.

No word yet on who’s actually attending (likely director Timur is going). Cast wise I’m not sure, but when more info. is released, I’ll be sure to update you guys. ALVH’s panel will be on St. Patrick’s Day and take place from 1:15-2:15 pm.


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