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Red Band Trailer Description for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Although actor Rufus Sewell said during the Kapow! Comic Con this past weekend that a red-band trailer for AL:VH will probably be out in a month or so, ComicBookMovie has released some description for the upcoming footage. Here’s what they had to say:

• The first scene revealed that Rufus Sewell’s Adam (the leader of the vampires and main villain in the film) has his sights set on the White House. A young Abraham Lincoln listens on and attempts to take out one of his henchman. However, it appears that he has no idea that these guys are vampires as a bullet to the head has absolutely no effect.

• The next scene was far less tense, and featured a scene between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Mary Todd. He confesses to her exactly what it is he spends his nights doing – hunting down and killing vampires. Of course, she doesn’t believe a word he’s saying and he allows her to think he’s joking.

• Their romantic picnic ends with the duo outside of Mary’s house. She inventively uses Lincoln’s top hat to stand on in order to be able to kiss him. As she moves in, he turns his head, and the date comes to a rather abrupt end. It’s not that Lincoln isn’t interested – he simply wants to protect her from the dangers he faces.

Hit the link above to check out the full description. Can’t wait to see this!