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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter NY Premiere Date Set; Troops to see Early Screenings of ALVH

According to the NY Times, the New York premiere of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be held on June 18 at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square. As of now, the time for the premiere hasn’t been announced, but I’ll keep you guys posted. 🙂

The article also goes on to say that 20th Century Fox is set to announce a series of promotional events  — intended to introduce one of its less likely movies, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” to some hoped-for fans serving in the United States armed services.

The military push for the film, which opens on June 22 in the United States and on various dates around the world, starts with screenings for land-based troops at undisclosed locations in the Middle East. Then it will move to the Abraham Lincoln, with appearances by the film’s star, Benjamin Walker; its director, Timur Bekmambetov; and Seth Grahame-Smith, who was a writer of the script and the book on which it is based, said Jim Lemley, who is a producer of the movie and will join the others, both on the ship and at the bases.

“We’re going sailing on one of the flagships in the nuclear arsenal,” Mr. Lemley said in a telephone interview on Monday.

Mr. Walker will be in character as Lincoln. Stovepipe hats and glow-in-the-dark fangs will be handed around.

While the article doesn’t mention Mary per se, I can only assume she’ll be joining Ben, Timur and the rest of the team during an event or two so if she does, I’ll post it here of course. *Fingers crossed.*


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  1. I read the book by Seth Grahame Smith . It’s a great story .My family , friends , & I are eagerly awaiting the movie .

  2. Awesome movie, I saw the premier tonight. Wanted to thank them for supporting the troops!!

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