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New Smashed Interviews, Photos and Captures!

A couple of new interviews with Mary discussing Smashed have shown up online and you can now check them out below. First in her interview with Red Eye Chicago, Mary talked about her night out with Aaron before filming, Megan Mullaly, and more. I’ve also added a photo of her from the interview and Melanie made some caps. It’s a really great interview, so be sure to see it!

Interview with Red Eye Chicago

Interview captures

Second, here’s an excerpt of an interview Mary did with James Ponsoldt for Hollywood Chicago. Click on the link above to read it in full where Mary also talks about Scott Pilgrim and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: James, given that this production was a nineteen day shoot, what was the most important element in the pre-production that contributed the most in making that shoot successful?

Ponsoldt: Probably the most valuable thing was casting great actors, the bulk of your work is done once you get great actors with great imaginations, and allow them the autonomy to be collaborators, and the script on the page is a blueprint with beats, that they could say and do whatever they wanted. Mary was one of my biggest collaborators, because she is the center focus for 98% of the movie. We spent a long time developing the character.

Winstead: James and I spent several hours a day talking about her back story. Even though in some films you feel pretentious doing a back story, but with this I needed the details to flesh her out, because it was a complex role. Everything was going to be useful to me as an actor. Also it was valuable to talk about my own life and history, and to compare how Kate felt when something similar happened to me in my life. It was marrying all those small details, so by the time I was on set I felt I was Kate, or understood he enough to feel I could be her.

Finally, below is another new interview video Mary did with VelvetRed TV talking about Smashed