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New ‘Birds of Prey’ Photo Shoots and Interviews

There are two brand new photo shoots I have added into the gallery that Mary did to promote her new film Birds of Prey. The first one is from Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table, where a film cast get together and discuss their movie over a meal. You can see that photo by clicking the thumbnail below and viewing the entire video interview below:


Secondly, Mary has a new photo shoot with WhoWhatWear. Some of the photos are below and some highlights from the interview. Be sure to click the link above to read it in full:

Do you remember when you got the call to come in for this project? What was your initial reaction?

It piqued my interest because it was so female-led. Margot Robbie, the fact that she was starring in it, because I really respect her as an actress, but also the fact that she was producing, I thought was really interesting. I went and watched Cathy Yan’s first film, which I loved, so I really wanted to meet her and talk to her about it. I was really curious about Birds of Prey from the get-go, more so than I think other films in this genre, because I think I thought, Oh, you sort of know what to expect, whereas this was something new to me. I was excited to meet all these women who are strong and interesting and unique.

What was your fitness regimen preparing for this role?

You know, thankfully they didn’t put us on any particular fitness regimen other than training for the roles, which was what do you need to know in order to play this character? What do you need to be able to do? Sometimes I was on my own, sometimes I was with the other girls, but we just had a big warehouse and trained with the stunt team for several months, did a lot of jujitsu, various kinds of martial arts, a lot of drills that would sort of slowly build into choreography over time, so it was really fun. I really loved it. I love working with stunt people because I find them to be just incredible people and so supportive and sweet, and their work ethic is incredible, and obviously their talent is unimaginable. I always find it really inspiring just to be around stunt people. I feel really lucky to get the opportunity to do that.

As you think about where you are in your career now, what is a dream role for you at this stage?

I don’t know that I have a dream role necessarily, because I’m always inspired by what’s coming to me and I feel like usually what I’m longing for is what ends up coming to me in one form or another, so I kind of quietly send it out to the universe. But I think I’m really excited to do more action-comedy. Since Birds of Prey and the film Kate I did, I’m in this zone now where I feel really comfortable in that world, and I’d like to go further and further into it and maybe find something that I can develop and that really feels like me. I’m looking forward to those possibilities.

You are a bona fide scream queen with many horror/thriller films on your résumé. Are you itching to do another scary film?

I’ve always loved horror. I’ve always loved being the heroine of a film that requires me to do a lot of physical, gritty stuff, so that’s kind of one thing I’ve always loved about horror, the physicality of it and getting down and dirty and really having to claw your way through dirt and being covered in blood. You end up losing all vanity in those films, and that’s something I really love about it. In that sense, I’m always open to it, you know? I don’t close myself off to anything.

What horror films are on your radar right now?

I finally saw Parasite. It took me forever to see it, and I don’t know that I would really classify it as a horror film, but it certainly is horrifying on a lot of levels, and it’s beautiful. To me, that’s when a horror film hits all the buttons—when it’s really entertaining, it’s creepy, it makes you think, and it says so much about society and about class, says something about fears on a different level. That’s what’s always exciting to me about horror.