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Ain’t It Cool News Interviews Mary About Smashed

Ain’t It Cool News sat down with Mary and director James Ponsoldt where they talked about Smashed. Mary also talked a little bit about her upcoming film A.C.O.D., DH5 and The Spectacular Now. Be sure to click the above to read the interview in full:

Capone: You and Aaron do have that. How did you get level of intimacy in such a short time span? It really easy to believe that you have been together for a long time.

MEW: I would love to say that we did tons of rehearsals, but it was kind of a thing that happened really easily, and I think it was actually one of more surreal experiences that I had working with another actor. Just after a couple of days of being in that house and working those scenes together, we both felt like it was absolutely really happening, that we were absolutely a real couple and we lived in that house and that that was our lives.

So when we shot the last scene, we were both really sad. That whole day we really felt like we were going through some really sad breakup, but we’d both stop and just look at each other like, “Why does this feel so real? This is so weird.” So yeah, we did have a couple of meetings beforehand. We had a lunch together and then we had a night where we went out drinking together, and that kind of brought us a little closer, a little faster than if we had jumped into it cold. It was one of those magical things that we both thought was going to be a lot harder to make that connection, and it turned out to be not that hard.

Capone: With the tight schedule of the film, couple with the emotional highs and lows of the story, was that just exhausting physically and mentally for you? It doesn’t seem like you had time to take a break and step out.

MEW: It was definitely exhausting, but it was also very cathartic. It wasn’t super dark. I felt very tired every night and going to bed; I slept good. [Laughs] I can remember James constantly telling me I needed to go get a massage every time we would have a day off. We were working six day weeks, so we had a few days off. I never did. But yeah, we were all tired. But there wasn’t much time to think about how tired you were. You’re just in it and making it work.

Capone: Can you tell me about a couple of things you’ve got coming up? I know the A.C.O.D. is the one I’m the most excited about seeing. What’s the story there?

MEW: Well it’s this big family where Adam Scott is at the center of it, and his little brother played by Clark Duke is getting married. So it’s all about Adam Scott’s character has to plan the wedding as the best man, but he doesn’t want his parents in the same room ever, because it just brings up too much.