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Marvel Wants Mary Elizabeth to star as Agent 13 in Captain America: Winter Soldier

Woah. Talk about a change! Fresh off all the buzz Mary is currently getting for her indie film Smashed, Marvel wants Mary to star as Agent 13/ Sharon Carter in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier. Screencrush (via Latino Review) has the scoop:

‘Captain America 2? (aka ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’) has been working hard to find the right actress to star as Agent 13/Sharon Carter in the upcoming superhero sequel. A number of names have been rumored for the part including Alison Brie, Imogen Poots and Teresa Palmer. But none of these actresses have tested for the part yet. And why not? Because another actress not on any of the previous lists may have already snagged the role.

Latino Review is reporting that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is currently Marvel’s top choice to star as Agent 13 in ‘Captain America 2? and she’s the reason why Brie, Poots, Palmer and the like have yet to actually read for the role.

Can you guys see Mary in the role? We all know she can kick some on-screen butt and possibly seeing her reunite with her Scott Pilgrim co-star Chris Evans would be nice.

‘Captain America 2′ is set for an April 4, 2014 released date.