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More New Smashed Interviews, Smashed Q&A Interview from Film Independent Event Online

Here’s to everyone that’s checking out SMASHED this weekend! More great new interviews with Mary has been released where she talks about drinking, Twitter and more in each of the interviews. First, here’s part of her Q&A with Moviefone:

How have you enjoyed the reaction the movie’s been getting so far?
It’s been amazing. I mean, I don’t think I’ve really heard a negative reaction yet, which I know I will. I’m ready, you know? [Laughs] Because somebody’s going to hate it. But it’s been so lovely, everybody’s been so warm and kind. And there’s been a lot of people coming with their own personal stories of recovery. It’s been just amazing to hear their stories, and to hear everybody’s reactions to it.

How much does a role like this stay with you afterwards? Did it change your drinking habits at all?
It definitely stayed with me, the message of it stayed with me. But alcohol’s not something that … I mean, I can barely have more than two drinks. It’s just never been something that’s been a vice for me at all. So it didn’t really make me think about that so much. It more made me think about other things in my life that I do have issues with, and it does make you think about what you’re not accepting, what you’re covering up, or trying not to accept in yourself.

Yahoo! Movies is next:

TA: Why is “Smashed” such a passion project?

MW: I searched for a part that was going to stretch me as an actor and force me to become better. I was becoming a little stuck. I thought I was going to have to work my way up to something like this, I was going to have to do a couple of smaller roles, in a couple of smaller indies, and prove myself in that world. After I auditioned for this part, I thought, “Well, at least I’ve auditioned for these people now. I’ve made an impression. Maybe when they make another movie they will look at me.” The fact that I got the part was above and beyond.

Thelma Adams: In the course of this movie, your character, Kate, discovers she’s more than a party girl; she’s an alcoholic. Do you have any addictions?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: The Internet and television and social media. I’m always on my cell phone. At home, my husband and I both have our computers out, and we have the TV on, and our cell phones, and we’re constantly using all three at the same time.

TA: How do your fans feel about “Smashed”?

MW: They’re excited. I have a couple of fan sites and they follow my every move; every single photo that comes out ends up on their websites. There’s nothing stalkerish about it. They know this is a passion project, so they’re all really excited about that for me.

More interviews plus the Film Independent video under the cut:

TheWrap also interviewed Mary. As always, click on the link to read the full interview:

I’ve heard Jonathan’s side of the story – but bow badly did you want this movie, and what did you have to do to get it?
I was really determined to at least be considered for it. It’s not like I’ve even had the opportunity to read many scripts with roles this complex and interesting. And when I do read them, I rarely get the chance to audition. So I didn’t think I would even be considered unless I was really on top of this.

There’s just so much competition when it comes to actresses – so many great actresses and so few great roles. It’s a difficult pool. It’s great because there are so many talented peers of mine, and I’m inspired by them all the time. But at the same time, it’s like, man!

They may be your peers, but they’re also your competition.
Yeah. So I thought, it’s time for me to take it into my own hands and demand to be seen and be noticed. And then it turned out that I did an audition tape and they hired me. It was really easy. It was so not what I expected. I expected to do the audition tape, and then have to come in like eight times, and show them every possible angle of what I could do. But they trusted me from the get-go.

And here’s a newly released interview from Nylon Magazine:

So it [Smashed] was an emotional movie to make?
Everyone was there for the same reason: because they wanted to make this movie really great. So there was good energy. But it was just really emotional for me–you know, the journey I had to go on in order to figure out how to play this character was very emotional and personal. So it ends up feeling like a diary almost for me when I watch it, because I know what I was thinking about during the scenes, even though the audience sees it as a character. For me, there’s a lot of personal stuff happening. I mean, just as an actor there’s a lot of personal things you bring to [a role] and substitutions that you use. But I don’t think I’ve ever dug as deep as I had to for this character, so it had never gotten to this level.

And now that you’ve read all those interviews, enjoy this Q&A Mary did with the cast of Smashed a couple of weeks ago. To see photos from the event, click here.