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Chris Messina Praises Mary’s Acting in Alex of Venice; New Silicon Valley Pics

Chris Messina, who directed (and co-stars) in his new film Alex of Venice, got interviewed by Backstage Magazine and gave some insight into Mary’s acting ability:

For Alex, the anchor of the film, Messina knew he needed more than the best actor for the role. “I needed a captain, a team leader. It’s a small movie; we were changing in the car and going, ‘Let’s run over here, the light’s really nice.’ Mary Elizabeth was not only fantastic every day as an actress but a real leader and friend.”

Mary goes on to confirm what a great director Messina is:

“Chris is an unbelievably giving person who goes out of his way to make everyone feel special and important, while being the most self-deprecating person alive toward himself.” She also speaks highly of his prowess as a director. “When he wants something different from an actor, he just lets the scene play out until he finds it. He never forces anything. It’s such a fun way to work.”

In other news, I have added more new photos of Mary at the Silicon Valley premiere from earlier this week which you can view in the gallery.