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Mary Updates Us On Upcoming Projects

Just when it was recently revealed that Mary was cast in Seven Years, Three Days, Mary has offered her Twitter followers an update on all things to come. She tweeted: - 2013-04-20 - 14h-09m-39s

Expect official announcements on upcoming projects soon and we’ll keep you up to date on everything! Also, be sure to follow miss-winstead for even more updates via Twitter @misswinsteadcom. Exciting times are ahead!!

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Mary Cast in Seven Years, Three Days

It’s been announced on Twitter that Mary has been cast in director Jesse Zwick’s Seven Years, Three Days alongside Emma Roberts, Jason Ritter and Max Minghella. More information will be posted once it comes through. Filming will begin this June in New York City.

Congrats, Mary!


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New Bullett Magazine Outtake; Mary Updates on Upcoming Album

Lots of news is happening for our gal Mary! First up, I’ve added a great new outtake from Mary’s Bullett Magazine shoot she did last summer with photographer Michael Donovan (via Sah D). If you missed the interview from the shoot, click here to read it as well as the behind the scenes footage here. Additionally, head to the gallery to check out the new outtake!

Bullett Mag

Also, Mary tweeted out some exciting news! She’s finally completed her first album!


Back in July, Mary talked about working on her album with Dan the Automator and said “the inspiration behind it is, like, French ’60s pop—Jane Birkin, and stuff like that. It’s kind of married with Dan’s sensibility, which is his beats and a little bit of that low-key hip-hop vibe.”

And finally, as a reminder, Mary will be in Dallas tomorrow to receive her Dallas Shining Star Award at the 2013 Dallas Film Society Honors. Congrats!

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Mary Elizabeth Says She’d Love to Work with Edgar Wright Again

During the Independent Film Spirit Awards, IFC spoke with Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the red carpet and asked if she’d like to work with her Scott Pilgrim Vs the World director Edgar Wright again:

Wright is known for using his favorite actors in multiple films, so we couldn’t resist asking Winstead when we caught up with her at the Spirit Awards if she would ever want to work with the director again.

“Oh yeah,” she told IFC on the red carpet. “I mean, he’s so busy. I can never keep track.”

Wright definitely does know how to keep himself busy, having just completed “The World’s End” and now gearing up for his Marvel superhero movie “Ant-Man.” When we asked Winstead if she would try to finagle herself a part in that movie — after all, it still hasn’t cast any leads yet — she laughingly admitted that she’d love to be involved.

“Sure, I can be in ‘Ant-Man.’ Why not?” she said. “I love him and hopefully we’ll work together again.”

“Ant-Man” is slated to launch the third wave of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films after “The Avengers 2? hits theaters. It was announced back in October that the movie will have a November 6, 2015 release date, which means Wright has plenty of time to figure out the way he wants to approach the lesser known superhero’s story — and who he wants to cast as its leads.

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The Spectacular Now Scheduled for August Release

In an interview with Screen Crush, star of The Spectacular Now Miles Teller, told the site that TSN will have an August release date. Here’s what he said:

You finished wrapping up ‘The Spectacular Now’ a while ago, and I haven’t seen it, but a couple of my colleagues have and they were very impressed with your performance. So congratulations on that.

Thank you.

I’ve been reading that it’s going to SXSW.

Yeah, I think it’s playing March 11 at SXSW.

What’s the current plan to bring this film to the masses more?

Yeah, it was picked up by A24. A24 is a distribution company, they’re doing ‘Bling Ring,’ Sofia Coppola’s movie. They’re also doing ‘Spring Breakers.’ I think the goal for this is August 2 it’ll start out in select cities and then platform.

I think ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ and the fact that movie did so well and really found a big audience, I think that kind of opened the door probably a little bit for this.

Tickets aren’t available yet, but according to the SXSW website, Spectacular Now will be playing March 11 at 9:30 pm at the Topfer Theatre. Meanwhile, the film will be closing the Atlanta Film Festival on March 23.

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Mary to Test for New Jason Bateman Comedy, This Is Where I Leave You

Ah! Would love to see Mary starring in a Jason Bateman film! According to THR, Mary is on a short-list with other actresses to test this upcoming Monday on a new WB film called This Is Where I Leave You.

Based on the book by Jonathan Tropper, the film centers on a man (Bateman) whose father dies and tasks his dysfunctional family with one last request: to spend seven days following the funeral together under the same roof.

Most of the actresses (which include Ari Graynor, Isla Fisher, Zoe Saldana, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kathryn Hahn and Amy Adams), are reading for the part of Penny, the love that got away who works at her father’s company.

Hahn is reading for the part of Bateman’s wife, a woman who is having an affair with his boss.

Best of luck to Mary on Monday!! 🙂

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Bruce Willis Says a Die Hard 6 is Happening

While making an appearance on BBC’s One Show, Bruce Willis was asked if fans could expect a sixth film in the Die Hard franchise to which he simply responded, “yes”.

A Good Day to Die Hard meanwhile will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day. In the film, John McClane (Willis) travels to Russia to help out his seemingly wayward son, Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist, causing the father and son to team up against underworld forces.


If it ever happens, hopefully Willis will re-team with Mary’s character Lucy in some way.

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Marvel Wants Mary Elizabeth to star as Agent 13 in Captain America: Winter Soldier

Woah. Talk about a change! Fresh off all the buzz Mary is currently getting for her indie film Smashed, Marvel wants Mary to star as Agent 13/ Sharon Carter in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier. Screencrush (via Latino Review) has the scoop:

‘Captain America 2? (aka ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’) has been working hard to find the right actress to star as Agent 13/Sharon Carter in the upcoming superhero sequel. A number of names have been rumored for the part including Alison Brie, Imogen Poots and Teresa Palmer. But none of these actresses have tested for the part yet. And why not? Because another actress not on any of the previous lists may have already snagged the role.

Latino Review is reporting that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is currently Marvel’s top choice to star as Agent 13 in ‘Captain America 2? and she’s the reason why Brie, Poots, Palmer and the like have yet to actually read for the role.

Can you guys see Mary in the role? We all know she can kick some on-screen butt and possibly seeing her reunite with her Scott Pilgrim co-star Chris Evans would be nice.

‘Captain America 2′ is set for an April 4, 2014 released date.

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Mary to Star in Boxing Drama “Johnny”?

According to the site fightnews, Hollywood is planning two upcoming projects based on former boxing champion Johnny Tapia. The first is a soon-to-be-released documentary, entitled “Tapia,” highlighting Tapia’s triumphs and tribulations .The second is a Hollywood feature – “Johnny” – which will soon start filming in New Mexico early next year. The actor cast in the role of young Tapia is Shiloh Fernandez. Teresa will be played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

This is all just rumored for now, but if any confirmation or debunking comes along, I’ll be sure to update you guys. Also, it seems that A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III will be hitting theaters next year and a composer has already been set in place. According to Indiewire:

In an interview with GQ, however, Coppola provided a little update on the pic regarding music, noting that he “used exclusively the music of Liam Hayes” having been “absorbed” by his tunes.

Roman Coppola (the film’s director) also talked a little bit about the film:

Coppola recently explained to Interview Magazine that “for me, magic means a sense of delight, and a sense of play in fantasy. And that for sure is in the movie. It’s very imaginative in that there’s certain points of fantasy. There’s also a Western sequence, and there’s just a lot of twist and turns. In order to come to terms and come to understand this relationship that is over, he learns to process it in his own unique way.”

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Mary Not Starring in The F-Word

Ever since 2010, Mary was among several actresses rumored to star with Casey Affleck in the indie film The F-Word. Nothing happened with the film for a couple of years, though Mary had said during interviews once that she was still interested in the project. Fast forward to today where it’s been announced by THR that Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan will instead take on the lead roles.

In the film, The F Word takes a comedic look into the lives of two twentysomethings who meet at a party and hit it off but she has a long term boyfriend, so he hides his attraction for her, and the pair try their hand at a friendship instead. Filming is expected to begin later this summer. Casting is still underway, so if anything changes and Mary happens to join the project, I’ll keep you all updated. 😉