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The Spectacular Now Scheduled for August Release

In an interview with Screen Crush, star of The Spectacular Now Miles Teller, told the site that TSN will have an August release date. Here’s what he said:

You finished wrapping up ‘The Spectacular Now’ a while ago, and I haven’t seen it, but a couple of my colleagues have and they were very impressed with your performance. So congratulations on that.

Thank you.

I’ve been reading that it’s going to SXSW.

Yeah, I think it’s playing March 11 at SXSW.

What’s the current plan to bring this film to the masses more?

Yeah, it was picked up by A24. A24 is a distribution company, they’re doing ‘Bling Ring,’ Sofia Coppola’s movie. They’re also doing ‘Spring Breakers.’ I think the goal for this is August 2 it’ll start out in select cities and then platform.

I think ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ and the fact that movie did so well and really found a big audience, I think that kind of opened the door probably a little bit for this.

Tickets aren’t available yet, but according to the SXSW website, Spectacular Now will be playing March 11 at 9:30 pm at the Topfer Theatre. Meanwhile, the film will be closing the Atlanta Film Festival on March 23.