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Mary’s Not Coming Back for DH5, Updates Us On Upcoming Projects

Two days ago, Mary talked a little about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and in part 2 of her interview with The Playlist, Mary reveals more about ALVH, Smashed and Die Hard 5. Click on the Playlist link above to read the full interview, where she talks more about Smashed and her rumored role in The F-Word.

On Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter:

“When it starts out, we’re very young and just dating and courting and it takes it right up to the presidency and the assassination and everything. So I got to span the life of someone from 19 to 46 and really go from this feisty young woman into this sort of force of nature who’s helping her husband fight along with the country. It was a really fun role to play.”

Aside from the vampires of course, ‘Lincoln’ will be a largely historically accurate telling of the president’s life. “It’s our real history of America [as if] we really did have vampires amongst us. Abraham Lincoln, during his presidency and fights against slavery, was also fighting against these vampires and the evil that was existing in our country. It’s sort of this wild action/adventure period piece,” she added.

On Die Hard 5:

I’m assuming I will not be [in that] because I have not heard anything,” Winstead laughs. “But it’s cool, all the updates and everything. I’m excited to see what happens with it.”

About Smashed:

“[Aaron Paul and I] play a married couple who are both alcoholics. It’s a really great script. Basically my character hits rock bottom really hard and decides to get sober, but he has no interest in getting sober. And it’s just about how our relationship kind of disintegrates because of it,” she elaborated.



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  1. Shame it doesn’t look like she’ll be in Die Hard 5, though I guess the story will feature McClane’s son this time round… would be nice to make a brief appearance none the less! I’d like to see all the family together.

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