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Mary to Star in Boxing Drama “Johnny”?

According to the site fightnews, Hollywood is planning two upcoming projects based on former boxing champion Johnny Tapia. The first is a soon-to-be-released documentary, entitled “Tapia,” highlighting Tapia’s triumphs and tribulations .The second is a Hollywood feature – “Johnny” – which will soon start filming in New Mexico early next year. The actor cast in the role of young Tapia is Shiloh Fernandez. Teresa will be played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

This is all just rumored for now, but if any confirmation or debunking comes along, I’ll be sure to update you guys. Also, it seems that A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III will be hitting theaters next year and a composer has already been set in place. According to Indiewire:

In an interview with GQ, however, Coppola provided a little update on the pic regarding music, noting that he “used exclusively the music of Liam Hayes” having been “absorbed” by his tunes.

Roman Coppola (the film’s director) also talked a little bit about the film:

Coppola recently explained to Interview Magazine that “for me, magic means a sense of delight, and a sense of play in fantasy. And that for sure is in the movie. It’s very imaginative in that there’s certain points of fantasy. There’s also a Western sequence, and there’s just a lot of twist and turns. In order to come to terms and come to understand this relationship that is over, he learns to process it in his own unique way.”