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Total Film Magazine Scans

Earlier this week, I mentioned that the Birds of Prey cast was going to be interviewed for the upcoming film in Total Film Magazine and now thanks to Best Of Jurnee, I have added those scans into the gallery.


Margot’s take on Harley’s thoughts towards Mary’s character Huntress:

She thinks Huntress is an absolute badass, because anybody who can kill that effectively and be such a mess in the head with all that childhood trauma–that’s thrilling to Harley, so she loves Huntress.

Mary on working with Margot:

She’s incredibly smart and savvy. She has a real understanding of the whole picture. It’s not like, ‘this is the Harley show, and what’s going on with Harley.’ She’s thinking about every character, and every story beat, and if it’s working or not.

Mary on her Huntress costume:

I felt so cool. I felt totally empowered and feminine. But also, I was able to move. I was able to carry weapons. I was able to do other things that the Huntress could actually be doing. And so that felt great. There was never a moment where I was like, ‘I can’t do this stunt because my pants are too tight.