Mary Talks “The Thing: Assimilation”

This past Tuesday, Mary attended the Halloween Horror Nights preview night and in an interview with the OC Register, talked about how closely “The Thing: Assimilation” maze looked a lot like the actual film set:

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who stars in “The Thing,” says the maze based on the movie freaked her out a bit during one of the preview nights.

“They did such a good job,” she says. “I’ve never been to Halloween Horror Nights before so I didn’t know what to expect, but just to see the level of how far they go with it and how they recreated the sets from the film exactly and the monsters, aliens and creatures exactly, it’s like you’re living through the film. It took me back, certain parts of the maze, I was like ‘Am I on set, where am I’?”


Mary Attends the Eyegore Awards!

Last night marked the opening of Halloween Horror Nights and it also marked the date of the 2011 Eyegore Awards that Mary attended. At the event, Mary presented the award for best short film. I’ll try adding more pics as I find them, but for now, check out the pic in the gallery.

Also, enjoy the video of Mary walking the red carpet:

“The Thing” Premiere Date

Some of you have been wondering, and now we have the info. According to Variety, “The Thing” premiere date will be held on October 10 at Universal Studios in CA where Mary attended the HHN preview night and visited The Thing: Assimilation haunted house.

In that regard, “The Thing” maze — which replicates the film’s Norwegian camp, where a group of researchers find themselves infected by an alien creature that can transform itself into an exact replica of any living being — will also be used for an upcoming press junket for the pic and for the afterparty of the film’s Oct. 10 premiere.

How exciting!

New Pic of Mary at Halloween Horror Nights!

Earlier this week, Mary attended preview nights at Halloween Horror Nights in California to check out the new “The Thing: Assimilation” maze and I’ve uploaded a new photo of Mary at the event. She also did an interview with Extra TV which will likely air either tonight or next week. Either way, we’ll post the interview here for all of you to see. In the meantime, enjoy the new photo looking pretty as always by clicking the photo below or visiting the gallery.

“Wolf Lake” captures re-added

I have started to re-cap all of Mary’s Wolf Lake episodes – so far I have uploaded captures of the first and second episode that aired 10 years ago!

Episode #1 – “Meat The Parents”

Episode #2 – “The Changing”

“The Thing” Featured in SFX Magazine

UK’s SFX Magazine did a pretty cool feature for “The Thing” when they visited the set a couple of months ago and they have interviews with the producer, Mary, Joel Edgerton and most importantly, the special effects artists. Be sure to check out the hi-res scans in the gallery. The film opens in theaters on October 14 & December 2 in the UK. Huge thanks to my pal Darren for the amazing scans!

Mary At Halloween Horror Nights

On Tuesday night, Mary attended preview night for Halloween Horror Nights 21 in California where she got to check out The Thing:Assimilation maze. Although the interview hasn’t aired just yet, we can see a very quick peek of her being interviewed by Extra TV.