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The Beauty Inside Wins Emmy Nomination

Back in May, it was announced that the web-series The Beauty Inside which was directed by Like Crazy‘s Drake Doremus and starred Mary won an Emmy last night for Outstanding New Approaches.


The non-televised event was held at downtown L.A.’s Westin Bonaventure hotel, and was hosted by voice-over stars Terese Ganzel and Bob Bergen.

You can view the complete list of Daytime Emmy Creative Arts winners here. The awards show itself will air tomorrow night June 16, at the Beverly Hilton and air on HLN at 8pm ET.

Congrats to Mary and all involved in the series! ūüôā

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Mary Nominated for a Daytime Emmy

The nominations for the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were just announced and among the nominees, Mary received a nomination for her role in Drake Doremus’ web series The Beauty Inside. (Which was amazing!)

The nominee category was as followed:


The Beauty Inside                                              YouTube, Facebook
Jeff Ferro, Producer
Elisa Moore, Broadcast Producer
Erin Dahlbeck, Web Producer
Drake Doremus, Director
Topher Grace, Matthew Gray Gubler,
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Performers
Jaime Robinson, Executive Creative Director
Jason Apaliski, Creative Director
Chaz Whitworth, Art Director

Chuck Vanderchuck                                           PBS
Deborah Forte, John Lynn, Jef Kaminsky, Executive Producers
David Trexler, Supervising Producer
Janette Afsharian, Shannon Palmer, Web Producer
Jack Ferraiolo, Creator/Writer

Design Squad Nation                                           PBS
Bill Shribman, Executive Producer
Melissa Carlson, Marcy Gunther, Eric Handler, Producers
Tara Taylor, Designer

Get the Math                                                           PBS
Jill Peters, Executive Producer
Michelle Chen, Producer
Bob Morris, Director
Edward Goldberg, Editor
Glenn Westrom, Interactive Producer
Deborah Ives, Lead Content Advisor

The 40th Daytime Emmys will he held June 16 at the Beverly Hilton and air on HLN. Congrats to Mary and the rest of the cast on the nomination!

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Final Episode of The Beauty Inside

Well, here it is. Episode 6 of The Beauty Inside. Loved the special guest star–won’t spoil who it is if you’ve yet to see it!–but I wish there was more! Haha. Overall, I totally loved this series! Fantastic job by Mary, Topher Grace, Matthew Gray Gubler, director Drake Doremus, and everyone who was involved with the film. (Yes, even the people who auditioned!) Check out the final ep. below.

Edit– Screen caps are now up in the gallery.

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The Beauty Inside Caps and More New Event Photos

The pics keep on coming from TIFF! I’ve added a couple of new event photos of Mary at some TIFF related parties. First, I added 2 new pics of Mary at the TIFF Mongrel event, and then from the “Smashed” after party courtesy of Hollywood-elsewhere. Additionally, I’ve uploaded over 200 caps of Mary’s appearance in the latest episode of “The Beauty Inside”. If you still haven’t seen it, click here.

TIFF Mongrel party:

“Smashed” After Party:

“The Beauty Inside episode 5”:

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Episode Three of The Beauty Inside

Episode 3 of The Beauty Inside is now online and you can view it below.

Also, be sure to head to the gallery where I’ve added over 250 caps of the latest episode. Enjoy! This is definitely my favorite episode so far. In this ep, she co-stars with (500) Days of¬† Summer’s Matthew Gray Gubler.


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Episode Two of The Beauty Inside Now Online!

Episode 2 of Drake Doremus’ The Beauty Inside has finally been uploaded on the film’s Facebook page and you can now view it either by checking it out on the link above or watching it below. That said, I’ve also made over 150 caps of Mary in the episode which is entitled “Leah.” Be sure to check them all out in the gallery!

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First Episode from The Beauty Inside

The first episode from The Beauty Inside social film has been uploaded on the film’s Facebook page and you can view it by clicking on the link posted above or checking it out below. Mary will appear in next week’s episode, airing Thursday. Check back soon!

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A New The Beauty Inside Trailer!

A new video from the upcoming social-film “The Beauty Inside” has been uploaded which you can view below. In the video, we get a behind the scenes look and small interviews with Mary, Topher Grace, Matthew Gray Gubler and director Drake Doremus. Also, I already made caps of Mary off the video, so be sure to look at those in the gallery.

Remember: The first episode will air on the film’s Facebook page starting August 16. Auditions to star as Alex are still open.