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Mary Featured in The Lab Magazine!

With Smashed coming out this fall, The Lab magazine has done an interview with Mary with the questions being done by her Smashed co-star Nick Offerman. Below are some of the questions Nick asked Mary, and you can read the full interview here. Be sure to check out the lovely pics of Mary in the gallery. Love their interview! So charming and funny.


Have you been in a less comfortable scene than our driveway scene in Smashed

MEW—I can’t help but think you were more uncomfortable than me. I watched as you slowly died inside and I felt the utmost embarrassment for you. In a good way!

If you were forced to tell me a name-droppy story that your usual humility would normally prohibit, what would it be?

MEW—I once had dinner with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening and he told me stories about Natalie Wood, Madonna, and Edie Sedgwick. I just dropped that on you so hard.

NO—I tried Twitter for a few weeks then promptly quit because I think it has a pernicious influence upon us. How do you feel about the social network Kool-Aid?

MEW—I come very close to deleting my Twitter account on an almost daily basis, but it keeps reeling me in. I’m quite terrified of my own reliance on technology/social media and admired your decisive move away from it. I am simply too weak!

NO—Which of your co-stars did you find more charming: me or Donny Osmond?

MEW—The only real memory I have of Donny Osmond is that we threw him a party at which we all wore purple socks. Apparently he likes his socks in a particular hue. And he has a dazzling smile, but no facial hair. I think we all know who wins this battle.


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