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Mary to Show Us A Sassy Mary Todd Lincoln

In a new interview with USA Today while promoting The Thing, Mary revealed that her take on Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be feisty and sassy.

“She can definitely kick a little ass,” Winstead said of Mary Todd Lincoln while promoting her new movie, The Thing(opening Friday).

While not exactly historically accurate, Vampire Hunter promises to be a lot of fun. Abraham Lincoln (played by Benjamin Walker) does the bulk of the First Family’s vampire-slaying in the fictional account of the 16th President’s life. But Mary Todd Lincoln does “get involved,” says Winstead.

“(Abraham Lincoln) tries to keep this all from the family,” she says. “But she does get involved. I won’t say how. I don’t want to give it away.”

“In my research of her I really like her,” says Winstead. “There’s a lot of different takes on her. We focused on the more likable aspects of her personality, especially in the younger years. As she got older she was dealing with the death of her children and her husband and she lost it a little bit,” Winstead adds. “That’s to be expected.”

Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for ALVH to come out!