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The Playlist Review and Interview for Alex of Venice

As the title reads, The Playlist recently caught up with Mary during her time in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival and interviewed her about Alex of Venice. She also talked briefly about Kill the Messenger and the TV pilot she filmed for ABC called Exposed.

The site also gave their review on the film:

Well-intentioned and intimate, “Alex Of Venice” has its heart in the right place; its pains and struggles might be small stakes and personal, but they’re very genuine, relatable and universal. There’s a lot to admire, which is why the movie’s uneven grasp of narrative fundamentals is so frustrating. Led by a terrifically vulnerable performance by an unadorned Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the cast, which includes Derek Luke, Katie Nehra and Reg E. Cathey (Freddy From “House Of Cards”) is uniformly quite good. Don Johnson is particularly great, playing all restrained and in the pocket as Alex’s father who might be suffering from something more than just acute absent-mindedness (this would be his second great performance of 2014 after playing a impulsive lawman in “Cold In July” which screened earlier this year at Sundance).

Final Grade: B-

You can read the full review by clicking on the link above.