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Mary Tells Us A Funny Joke and Poses in Lingerie for Esquire

Check out this new video of Mary telling us a funny joke and a new outtake for in the gallery. She also opens up about being accident prone.

About the jokester:

For someone who grew up as an aspiring ballerina (too tall, in the end), 26-year-old actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead is accident-prone. Take, for instance, her recent bike ride: “I think I’m better at it than I am,” she says. “I was going downhill really fast and got caught on a fence with my handlebars, went flying off, and landed on my nose on the concrete.” Or that time she was stunt training for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and tore the dura around her spine. (It holds your spinal fluid.) Or that time she was learning how to use a flamethrower for her upcoming role in The Thing (out October 14) and slipped in a pool of gasoline. “I think the stunt guys actually became worried about how cool I was about [using] it.” We can only hope her next movie will involve standing still, lots of pillows, and a stunt double.