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Schon Magazine March 2016 scans

Back in March, Mary was interviewed for Schon Magazine and scans of the photo and interview have been added to the site.

Winstead clearly isn’t shy about taking on projects of a stranger nature. “I think I tend to follow experience rather than results,” she explains. “A lot of times the smaller films are the most interesting to me, and seem like they would be the most fun experience that will help me grow as a person and an actor.”

Her choice of protagonist seems to emanate from her own internal view of self-worth: “I feel really lucky that there was something instilled in me from a young age by my parents that made me feel like I didn’t need to conform to whatever beauty standards were out there. What’s beautiful to me is that I don’t look like everyone else. That was something that took a little while for me to learn in terms of where I stand in the industry.”