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First Release Dates for The Spectacular Now; Wolf Lake to Stream Online

Come August 2, James Ponsoldt’s latest film The Spectacular Now will hit theaters in a limited run. The official site has been updated with the first release dates for the film in places such as New York, California, Texas and New Jersey. Click HERE to find out if Spectacular Now will be playing in a theater near you and be sure to check back often as more release dates will be announced within weeks.

And in other Mary related news, CBS is putting all of the episodes for “Jericho,” “Swingtown” and “Wolf Lake” up on for the summer, allowing viewers to experience a trio of dramas they didn’t necessarily flock to when they were actually airing.

“Wolf Lake,” focusing on the lycanthropic happenings in a Seattle suburb, aired on five episodes on CBS and then jumped to UPN for four additional low-rated airings. In addition to Winstead and Wesley (still named “Paul Wasilewski” at the time), the series featured Lou Diamond Phillips, Tim Matheson, Graham Greene and Sharon Lawrence.