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First Look at Some ALVH Trailer Footage plus Cost of Living Info

So by now, we know that the teaser trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be out on Monday, but in the meantime, CBS did an interview with Benjamin Walker, Mary’s co-star in the upcoming film who plays Abe himself. In the interview, we get to see him check out some of Abraham Lincoln’s real-life artifacts and how much of his life remains a mystery. We also get several snippets of the upcoming trailer & it looks insane! See for yourself in the video below:

Also, BenDavid Grabinski, who directed Cost of Living which stars Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison, did an interview with Bloody-Disgusting & talked about how Mary’s part of “The computer voice” came to be:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the voice of this computer that seems to be taunting the heroes at times. Did she get involved before or after Bret and Brandon?

Mary’s husband Riley is a good friend of mine. I wrote the computer voice for her. It’s a ‘HAL’ type character that’s sort of mixed with the female villain from “Portal 2”. Without her, you can’t really have a lot of story economy. It would be hard to whittle the whole thing down to just 9 minutes. She was the first person I had. I had a location and a crew but no cast aside from her. Seven days out I didn’t have Bret or Brandon yet. Mary suggested Brandon, and it had never occurred to me in my wildest dreams I could get him. But I love Brandon and I thought he hadn’t been used in a way that exploited his full potential comedically. He’s really funny in Scott Pilgrim, but that’s not as the hero. I thought he would be really funny as a John Carpenter/Kurt Russell hero. The character in my head was always a cross between Snake Plissken and Jack Burton. She sent the script to Brandon, we went and talked for hours over sushi and he said “so when are we shooting?”

Cost of Living will be premiering online on Valentine’s Day so check back in a few days to see it in full!