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Mary Discusses Women Who Inspire Her At The Wrap Panel

Yesterday in Los Angeles, Mary was joined by Abigail Spencer, Jonathan Banks and Underground’s Aisha Hinds to talk about their shows for The Wrap‘s Emmys Drama Actor panel. While there, Mary talked about the women who inspired her growing up and her love for the new Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins:

On Wonder Woman:

“It was like a real great popcorn action movie. There was nothing sappy or [the stereotypes] people attribute to more feminine kinds of films that they find to be negative in some way. It was just good, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be.”

On growing up being inspired by women in TV:

“It was all stories about women.That was just normal. It was always about women… That’s all I ever wanted to watch.”

You can watch the full panel here:

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Mary in The Hollywood Reporter

On April 30th at THR‘s mammoth photo shoot, several actors and actresses working this Emmy season all gathered together at the annual photo shoot to ready themselves for the upcoming award show, but not before they revealed the television family they related to growing up.

Mary’s response was “My So-Called Life because it felt like a very real family. And I wanted to be Claire Danes on that show.”

I’ve added Mary’s photos to the gallery as well as a behind the scenes video of the stars playing a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’.



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L.A. Times Photo Shoot 2017 and New Fargo Still

A few weeks ago in May, Mary had stopped by the L.A. Times offices to promote season 3 of Fargo (which you can view here), and now thanks to Paige, we have even more beautiful photos of Mary while she was there. Check them out in the gallery.

I’ve also added a new still of Mary from the show as well:

We all know Mary is incredibly talented, but I’m so proud of her work on this show. She’s been amazing and absolutely killing it this season!

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New Gallery Update; Upcoming Appearances

Lots of goodies to get to so let’s jump into it! First off, I’ve updated the gallery with some new/old photos of Mary at last year’s AOL Build interview series when she was promoting 10 Cloverfield Lane. That said, she’ll be back this year to discuss FX’s Fargo on Thursday, June 8 at 11am. It is a free event, so if you’re in NYC and want to attend, you can get tickets here.

Before heading to NYC, today (June 1st), Mary will participate in a Q&A at the Landmark Theater at the Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles, CA.

And next week while in New York, Mary will head back to Late Night with Seth Meyers to continue promoting her show. Her newest episode will air on June 7th. Lots of predictions of Mary landing an Emmy nomination are happening throughout the web, so we’ll find out soon enough!

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Mary Discusses ‘Fargo’ With The Wrap

The Wrap sat down with Mary Elizabeth Winstead to discuss her new show, Fargo and why her character doesn’t have the typical “Fargo” accent (she’s actually from Chicago) and if her character really loves Ray (played by Ewan McGregor).

In another part of the interview, she talks about one of the worst auditions she’s ever had.

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Fargo Season 3, Episode 4 and 5 Screencaps and Episode 6 Preview

Screencaps of Mary as Nikki Swango in the latest episodes of Fargo have been added to the gallery:

Episode 4

Episode 5

What did you think of this week’s episode? Nikki is by far one of the best characters Mary has ever played, and we can’t wait to see how this season turns out!

You can also check out a preview for next Wednesday’s ep.

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Mary Attends FX’s FYC Event

Yesterday Mary and her Fargo co-stars Ewan McGregor, Carrie Coon and Olivia Sandoval attended FX’s Emmys For Your Consideration event in North Hollywood. I’ve added over 260 photos, so please enjoy all the pics I’ve added to the gallery!


At the event, show creator Noah Hawley said this about Mary’s character Nikki Swango:

“Nikki Swango (Winstead) is the ultimate ‘Fargo’ badass. You don’t know what to expect with her. She’s a bridge mastermind and a strategist. She’s really fun.”

According to Variety, Winstead was thrilled to join the drama and said about Nikki Swango, “I’d never played a character like this. Once I was on set and doing it, it was so easy but it took all the elements coming together for me to feel confident and comfortable.”

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‘Fargo’ 3×05 Preview

The newest preview for Fargo’s next episode, 3×05 is now out and you can view it below.

I will update the post with stills when they become available.

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New Fargo Interviews

Mary is doing lots of press for Fargo now that the third season has wrapped. Yesterday, Mary did a Q&A for The Los Angeles Times which you can watch here and KPCC’s “The Frame” radio show which you can check out here. I’ve also updated the gallery with a few photos she’s taken during the press tour.

Tonight, they’ll also be an Emmy’s FYC event for the FX show so check back soon for tons of new pics! 🙂


THE FRAME Interview highlights:

On why she initially shied away from TV series earlier in her career:

For me, it was really the idea of committing to something for years and years — that you could potentially not love — was very, very scary to me, and I didn’t understand why [laughs]. I was sort of like, I don’t understand why anybody would do that! What if you get into it and then a year later you decide you don’t like it anymore?

But the past few years, as the majority of the good material that I’ve seen has been on television, it’s become really exciting.

How she’d describe Nikki to people who haven’t seen the show:

She’s a competitive bridge player, which I think says a lot about her. [laughs] I mean, ex-con, competitive bridge player speaks volumes. She’s a strategic thinker in every way of her life, she’s always one step of everybody around her. She’s incredibly smart, but she’s also incredibly loving and passionate, and she’s very much in love with her partner, Emmit Stussy, played by Ewan McGregor. She has all these dreams and hopes for their life together, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make those dreams come true.

On her possible entry into musical theater:

There’s been a couple of Broadway shows that I’ve gone down the road with, and then scheduling’s sort of made things fall apart. But I would love to do that eventually. I think that would be the next scary thing for me to tackle. It would be really nerve-wracking, but I’d love to try it.