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‘Ahsoka’ Premiere Episodes Screencaps

I have added in total over 200 screen caps of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the first 2 episodes of ‘Ahsoka‘, that are now currently streaming on Disney+. Mary made her debut as General Hera Syndulla and I can’t wait to see more of her throughout the show! Head to the gallery to check out the latest additions or click below to view the screen caps by episode. Episode 3 will air next Tuesday, August 29 at 6PM PT.

Episode 1 screen caps

Episode 2

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New ‘Ahsoka’ Clip Featuring Hera

A brand new clip featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character Hera Syndulla has been released ahead of the 2 episode premiere that will debut on Disney+. In the clip, expert pilot Hera and her droid companion Chopper face a little turbulence as they confront a ship. Chopper wants to blast it from the sky, but Hera fears it will crash into the port city. She wants to attach a tracking device instead. Disorganized Chopper accuses her of messing with his stuff.

The first 2 episodes begin streaming at 6pm pacific standard time.

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‘Ahsoka’ to Premiere One Day Early, First Clip Released

In some very exciting news, it has been revealed that Disney+ will now stream the first 2 episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ one day earlier than expected. Originally set to premiere on Wednesday, August 23rd, the show will now be available every Tuesday, the first 2 episodes premiering now on the 22nd and begin airing at 6PM PT. You can view the newest TV spot with the new date below, as well as the first clip that was recently released.


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Ahsoka Premiering in One Month; First Scott Pilgrim Netflix Series Teaser

Lots of new information has come out about Mary’s latest upcoming projects! The first one: ‘Ahsoka‘ is officially ONE week away from its 2 episode series debut next Wednesday on Disney+, and a teaser counting down has been released, which you can view below.

And in other news, a teaser trailer for the Scott Pilgrim Netflix animated series has also arrived online. The anime series will be called ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off‘ and will bring back all the original cast members from the original 2010 film reprising their roles including Michael Cera, Brie Larson, Chris Evans, Alison Pill, Mae Whitman, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Brandon Routh and Kieran Culkin along with Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Simmons, Satya Bhabha, Mark Webber and Ellen Wong return.

The 2010 film director Edgar Wright is executive producing the show along with comic creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski, who are also serving as writers and co-showrunners.

All 8 episodes of the series will debut on Netflix November 17th.

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Hera Character Poster Revealed!

A brand new poster of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character General Hera Syndulla has been released online and I’ve uploaded it into the gallery.

The first 2 episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ will begin streaming on Disney+ August 23.

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New ‘Ahsoka’ Still and Interview; ‘Gentleman in Moscow’ Update

With ‘Ahsoka’ just days away from premiering on Disney+ on August 23rd, Entertainment Weekly did a brand new interview with ‘Ahsoka’ star Rosario Dawson. And while Rosario expressed her excitement in the interview, EW also caught up with her co-stars including Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Rebels alum Sabine Wren and of course Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays General Hera Syndulla, the green-skinned, Twi’lek captain who pilots the Ghost starship.

“What I love about her is that she’s such a strong leader and fighter, and she’s also so maternal and nurturing,” Winstead, 38, explains of her character. “We don’t often see that depicted on screen. We see army generals being these very masculine, hard figures. And Hera has that, but she also has this softness to her. She really wants her crew to be loved and looked after, and at the same time, she’s pushing them to be better.”

Winstead as we all know, is married to Ewan McGregor who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi. So is their house just nothing but Star Wars? “In terms of our son’s favorite toys, he’s got his Grogu, he’s got Lola from the Obi-Wan series, and there’s a lot of Dadas around from different eras of Obi-Wan,” she says with a laugh of her son Laurie, now 2. “He always knows that if he sees any sort of Obi-Wan figure around, that’s Dada. That’s what he knows it as right now.”

With the new interview, a brand new still of Mary as Hera was released, which you can view in the gallery.

In other news, with the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing so actors can get better pay and benefits, it was revealed that Mary and Ewan’s new series ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ had a week left of filming before the strike happened.

According to Deadline:

Ewan McGregor saw the strike coming in June, just as filming on his Paramount+ series A Gentleman in Moscow was nearing the finish line.

Like McGregor’s character, a Russian aristocrat under house arrest in a Soviet hotel, the shoot had nowhere to go. Continuing to film without a leading man was not an option, so McGregor, sporting a carefully clipped mustache, gathered colleagues to deliver the news many dreaded: the show would not go on.

Despite a brief reprieve as SAG-AFTRA extended talks with studios in early July, A Gentleman in Moscow eventually shut up shop last week. It had just seven days left to shoot. “He was gutted,” says someone in the room as McGregor gave a brief address to cast and crew.

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Ahsoka Figures to Be Released and Series Debut Countdown

During this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that new Star Wars figures and toys based on the upcoming Ahsoka live-action series on Disney+, will be coming out soon! The announcement was made during the Hasbro Star Wars panel. Hasbro’s Black Series Ahsoka figures give fans the chance to collect Ahsoka and her Rebels crew of fighters in detailed six-inch figure form. And for those who long for the old school 3.75 inch scale figures, there’s Vintage Collection Ahsoka and Sabine to grab.

The figurines will be made available fall 2023 and retail for $25. You can visit the link here to view the photos of each toy model.

In other news, today marks exactly 1 month until Ahsoka does premiere on Disney+, and a short video announcing the countdown was released.

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New ‘Ahsoka’ Trailer and Screen Captures

A brand new trailer has been released for the upcoming Disney+ series Ahsoka that will star Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Rosario Dawson! During the 2 minute long trailer, it’s been revealed that when the show begins streaming on August 23, the first 2 episodes will be available! Check out the amazing new trailer below and be sure to head to the gallery to see the screen caps of Mary as her character Hera Syndulla.

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‘Ahsoka’ Release Date Announced, New ‘Empire’ Scans and Stills

Disney has announced that the upcoming ‘Ahsoka’ series starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosario Dawson & Natasha Liu Bordizzo will begin streaming on Disney+ August 23. The date was revealed via a new teaser which you can view below:

There is also a brand new interview Mary did in the summer issue of Empire Magazine and I have uploaded the scans into the gallery along with some new stills. In the interview, Mary said she was given specific episodes by Dave Filoni to study the character of Hera.

“There was a lot of looking at episodes that focused on how much she loves to fly, and the way that that turned on her spirit and her energy.”

Production Stills

Empire Magazine July 2023

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New Interview with Mary and the Cast of Ahsoka

With Star Wars Celebration 2023 now officially over, a new interview with Mary and the cast of Ahsoka has come out. In a brand new podcast for Entertainment Weekly, Mary details how she feels playing the character of Hera Syndulla, the Twi’lek resistance leader turned general.

“Having a character who’s already existed and has such a rich history on something like Rebels, as an actor, it’s incredible,” Winstead told Dagobah Dispatch. “Because sometimes we’re tasked with creating our own backstories or trying to flesh out a character that doesn’t really have that much on the page. And so to play a character that has season after season of storylines and complex histories with everyone in their life and relationships and experiences was really something I’ve never experienced quite like that.”

It was a resource Winstead took advantage of throughout filming on Ahsoka. “To have Rebels to refer to, and to have [Rebels and Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni] to speak to about it every day on set, was a real luxury for sure.”

Mary also continued to elaborate on her character by describing her as someone who “is incredibly strong but complicated person. She is very maternal, but also she’s this leader of this crew. And as we see, she continues and becomes a general. And so she’s leading quite a lot of people and she’s become something of a legend in her own right.”

Winstead is also careful to point out how that military leadership and expertise are just one facet of the character. “She’s also very soft and warm, and people come to her for advice and solace and comfort,” Winstead explains. “Seeing those things combined is very unusual, and something that I really wanted to play on screen, because that’s such a aspirational thing, I think, as a woman — or just a person — to be able to be all of those things in one.”

However, that doesn’t mean Hera doesn’t have any flaws or is not subject to the occasional mistake, says the woman playing her: “She’s certainly not perfect, but she does have all of those qualities that make her somebody that you can really look up to in a way. And I like to try to be that on film. I don’t know that I quite live up to it in reality, but it’s someone to try and try and reach for.”

You can listen to Mary and Rosario Dawson as well as Natasha Liu Bordizzo talk about the show and see a clip by using the link above. The podcast can be heard here and begins around the :58 min mark.

Ahsoka will begin streaming on Disney+ this August.