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Latest Interviews with Mary

Below I’ve decided to add a couple new interviews Mary has done lately promoting ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ and the Netflix anime series ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’. First up is an in-person interview she did with Ewan in Los Angeles for the Los Angeles time. The event took place at the end of April and a few photos from that event can be seen here.

Secondly, Mary also did a lengthy interview with the SAG-AFTRA foundation discussing her work on the animated Netflix series, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off as well as working on AGIM. This was one of my favorite interviews with her! She’s so humble and I just loved watching this as a whole. Very lovely.

Mary also did an interview with Town & Country Magazine talking about playing Anna Urbanova in the series. Be sure to click the link above to read it in full:

What made playing Anna something you wanted to do?
It was such an amazing opportunity. Every aspect of it just sang with potential to be the best thing possible, beginning with the novel, which I had read already, and knowing that Ewan was attached to play the Count. I knew that that was going to be something magical. It felt like a real no brainer to want to be involved on top of the opportunity to play an incredibly fabulous character. Also, I got to be with my husband for six months and work on something that excited us both. There’s nothing better than that.

To create the character, did you use materials beyond the script or the book that inspired it?
The book, of course, was an amazing starting place; Amor Toles wrote such incredibly wonderful characters. In addition to that, I wanted to have something that I could hang my hat on in terms of the history of real actresses at that time, and the real Russian women of that day who were in her position. It’s a bit difficult to find a lot of information, but I did find a few. One was named Alla Nazimova, and I felt she resembled Anna the most—she was also the most fascinating to learn about. She had an incredible backstory that was quite heartbreaking, and I held onto that for Anna.

Is there anything about the production—which has these incredible sets and costumes—that you hope audiences notice? Any kind of Easter eggs we should be looking for?
There are subtleties, especially in the wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Obviously, we go through different eras, which is fun to see, but for Anna, I thought it was so lovely to have not only the evolution in terms of time but also of her as a person. She becomes so much softer, and we see her wearing knits and flat shoes; she’s letting herself get softer, and the clothes reflect that in a beautiful way.

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Mary Attends 2 New Events

Last Saturday (May 18th) Mary and Ewan pulled double duty in New York as they attended 2 events to promote their projects. First, they attended a new screening of Ewan’s latest film “Mother, Couch“, which will have limited release in the U.S. starting July 5th in NY. I’ve added the photos to that event and you can view them by clicking the pics below:

That same day, the two attended an ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ FYC event.

At the event, Mary was also joined by the author of the novel as well as the show’s writer/executive producer.

I love both looks on Mary from that night, but the second one is my favorite out of the two! It’s so simple, but classy! What do you guys think? 🙂

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Final ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ Stills and Teaser; New Interviews

The last batch of stills for the conclusive episode of ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ have been released, and it looks like it’s going to be a bittersweet ending for our two lovebirds in the finale. Head to the gallery to check out the new pics! The 8th and final ep will air this Friday, May 17 on Showtime and Hulu along with Paramount+.

The teaser for the last episode has also been added:

In related news, a new interview Mary did while promoting the show during her time in New York has been released today and you can see it below:

Finally, a brief video of Mary was also posted where she was asked to describe her most memorable scene to film during filming of the show:

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Episode 6 screen caps, ep 7 updates and Behind the Scenes Content for ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’

Lots of updates for A Gentleman in Moscow! First up, I have uploaded over 300 screen captures of Mary’s amazing performance in episode 6! You can view them by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Stills for this Friday’s episode along with the teaser can also be seen…

Episode 7 stills

Finally, some behind the scenes photos have also been released via Showtime and you can view them by clicking the pictures. Behind the scenes videos have also been released:

Continue reading Episode 6 screen caps, ep 7 updates and Behind the Scenes Content for ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’

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Mary and Ewan Attend ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ Screening

Some lovely new photos of Mary having a little date night and attending a special screening of A Gentleman in Moscow for the LA Times have been published and I have uploaded them into the gallery. Pictures 3-5 come courtesy of Mary’s makeup artist and hair stylist.

Full video of the Q&A can be viewed below:

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Episode 5 Screen Captures and Episode 6 Updates for ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’

For today’s latest round of A Gentleman in Moscow updates, I have already screen capped episode 5 of the show and have added over 200 photos of Mary’s scenes into the gallery. You can view the photos by clicking the pics below.

I’ve also added stills for episode 6, airing this Friday!

Finally, below is a teaser for episode 6:

Looks like Mary will be center stage in this episode! I’m excited to see how this one will turn out!

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Latest ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ Updates

Hello, all! I’ve added screencaps of Mary’s scenes in episode 4 of ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’, which aired last week on April 19th. Episode 5 will air this Friday. In the meantime, be sure to check out the gallery for the latest pics including new stills from the upcoming episode!

Episode 4 Screen caps

Episode 5 stills

A promo for the upcoming ep was also released:

Finally, Mary did a behind the scenes video with Showtime where she talked about why she enjoys playing Anna and the process of getting ready as her character!