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Mary Featured in New French Article

In a new article with the French media, Mary was interviewed about A Gentleman in Moscow now that the show is premiering in France. Although no new information is written about anything we haven’t already read in previous interviews, below is a loose translation about what is said:

When you’re an actress married to an actor like American actress and singer Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Fargo, Ahsoka) with Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, it’s rare to be able to match schedules and shoot together. But that’s exactly what happened with this astonishing eight-part series recounting the tribulations of Count Rostov, condemned by the Bolshevik authorities to spend the rest of his life in Moscow’s only palace. One foot outside and he’s dead. One of the women who keeps him from going mad is Anna Urbanova (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a schemer and film actress with close ties to the government, who owes her survival to her beauty and interpersonal skills. “I’d read the novel, and knowing that Ewan was keen to play the Count, I knew it would be a magical shoot, especially as my character is fabulous. Plus, spending six months with your husband working on something you’re passionate about, there’s nothing better.”

A thank you to Best of McGregor for the photo and if any of the translation is incorrect, I do apologize, but please let me know in the comments & I will fix it accordingly.


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