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First ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ Reviews Arrive

Just as the headline reads, the first few reviews for A Gentleman in Moscow have surfaced online and they are all fairly positive towards the show & Mary’s performance itself. I have added highlights from some of the first round of reviews, but if you ever want to read any of the articles in full, just click the appropriate links. First up is an interview with JoBlo where they gave the show a good 7/10:

Where the novel compressed and expanded the multiple-decade arc of the narrative, the series spends an appropriate amount of time over the intervening years as Rostov grows from an aristocrat to an even more nuanced character. Able to play Rostov from young to old without relying on much more than wigs and a bit of hair dye, Ewan McGregor beautifully plays this character as a sympathetic and loving man who will not let politics deter his love for his homeland. Couple that with the shared screen time McGregor gets to spend with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and you have the third project the real-life couple have worked on, giving another layer to their chemistry together. Having first played a couple in Fargo before playing hero and villain in DC’s Birds of Prey, McGregor and Winstead once again portray soulmates in this series. Winstead plays Anna Urbanova, an actress who falls in love with Count Rostov, and their relationship is the anchor for this story. Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead can project light and air of positivity despite all odds being against them. In an age where we can easily wallow in negativity, Alexander Rostov is a beacon of never giving up, even when everything seems hopeless.

Collider meanwhile gave the show an 8/10:

A Gentleman in Moscow marks the third time that McGregor and Winstead have shared the screen following their performances in Fargo and Birds of Prey, and their real-life chemistry beautifully carries through into the relationship between Alexander and Anna. They play off each other naturally, and their performances are just as electric, regardless of whether Anna is keeping his delusions of grandeur in check or he’s sprawled out naked on the ground with nothing more than a towel to hide the… Fabergé eggs. McGregor and Winstead’s dynamic is half the fun of A Gentleman in Moscow. It’s refreshing to have even more historical romances to talk about around the watercooler — and audiences will be raving about this series given its weekly release schedule.

Rotten Tomatoes also currently has the show with an 89% rating. You can read additional reviews with The AV Club, The Standard and Yahoo!.