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Mary Guides Us Through LA in Elle Magazine

Check out these adorable shots of Mary Elizabeth in the November issue of Elle magazine! In it, Mary shows us some of her favorite hot spots in Los Angeles. I totally love the shot of her sitting at the Arclight munching on popcorn. For some reason, I get a very Audrey Hepburn feel from it. Thanks to kroqjock for posting these.

Check out the new scans in the gallery!

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Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary, Mary and Riley!

This makes you realize how quickly time flies! A year ago today, Mary Elizabeth Winstead finally wed her boyfriend of several years, writer/director Riley Stearns. Here at, Melanie and myself wanted to wish you both the happiest of wedding anniversaries and hope you two enjoy not only your first anniversary as husband and wife, but enjoy creating new memories and remembering old ones.

Mary, we can’t say how much we absolutely love you not only as an actress, but as a regular, down-to-earth person.

I could ramble on about how fantastic you are as an actress, how much me and Melanie love your films, and how we both think you and Riley are totally adorable together, but I’ll keep this message short, and wish you both tons and tons of success in both your personal lives and your professional lives and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring for the both of you.

Congrats on finding your Ramona Flowers, Riley and we’re looking forward to Magnificat and any other projects you decide to do with Mary and once again, have an amazing time celebrating your anniversary!

Click HERE to see Mary’s stunning bridal portraits from her wedding and click HERE to see her wedding photos.

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Mary Nominated for Portrait Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30

Mary’s been nominated in Portrait Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30. Here’s how they describe the nomination:

Top 30 is about the young celebs who you loved in 2011. Who do you think was the most talented, charismatic, generous and all around awesome?
You can vote as many times as you like. Your favorite needs to remain in the Top 30 of this poll to proceed to the next round of voting.

Last year Mary was also nominated in this category, but she didn’t win. Let’s try to get her in the #1 spot this year.

Head over to Portrait Magazine & vote as many times as you like & tell your friends!

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Mary’s Not Coming Back for DH5, Updates Us On Upcoming Projects

Two days ago, Mary talked a little about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and in part 2 of her interview with The Playlist, Mary reveals more about ALVH, Smashed and Die Hard 5. Click on the Playlist link above to read the full interview, where she talks more about Smashed and her rumored role in The F-Word.

On Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter:

“When it starts out, we’re very young and just dating and courting and it takes it right up to the presidency and the assassination and everything. So I got to span the life of someone from 19 to 46 and really go from this feisty young woman into this sort of force of nature who’s helping her husband fight along with the country. It was a really fun role to play.”

Aside from the vampires of course, ‘Lincoln’ will be a largely historically accurate telling of the president’s life. “It’s our real history of America [as if] we really did have vampires amongst us. Abraham Lincoln, during his presidency and fights against slavery, was also fighting against these vampires and the evil that was existing in our country. It’s sort of this wild action/adventure period piece,” she added.

On Die Hard 5:

I’m assuming I will not be [in that] because I have not heard anything,” Winstead laughs. “But it’s cool, all the updates and everything. I’m excited to see what happens with it.”

About Smashed:

“[Aaron Paul and I] play a married couple who are both alcoholics. It’s a really great script. Basically my character hits rock bottom really hard and decides to get sober, but he has no interest in getting sober. And it’s just about how our relationship kind of disintegrates because of it,” she elaborated.


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Eric Christian Olsen Praises Mary; New Caps Uploaded

In a new interview with Comic Book Resources, while talking about “The Thing”, Mary’s co-star Eric Christian Olsen discussed about working with Mary a little and said nothing but kind things about her:

While Akinnuoye-Agbaje had nothing but positive things to say about Edgerton, Olsen praised star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, telling reporters that working with her was the highlight of the movie for him.

“She’s a rock star. She’s amazing. I mean, she’s our Ripley. She’s the toughest character in the movie,” he said. As quick to praise Edgerton, Olsen continued, “Joel Edgerton is, I think, one of the most talented actors of my generation. … When they got Mary I was ecstatic, and when they got Joel I went, ‘Oh, this is the type of movie they’re trying to make, they are hiring actors. That philosophy was across the board.”

Meanwhile, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, caps from various interviews and the latest clips have been added. See all the latest pics in the gallery.

The Daily Verdict Interview:

“The Discovery” Clip 3:

Trailer Addict interview:

Clip 4– “Storage Room”

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Mary Talks Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

& the best part of this interview? A trailer will be out in February! During the press junket for “The Thing”, Mary spoke with The Playlist where she gave us an update about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Here are some of the highlights:

“I haven’t seen any [footage], but I know they’ve been editing and I know that they’re really excited about it,” Winstead said. “I know there’s going to be a trailer out in like February, or something, so I’m really excited about that. But I wasn’t a part of most of the action stuff in that movie, which I liked that, because I kind of needed a little bit of a break [laughs]. So I’m going to be like an audience member when it comes to that stuff, because I have no idea.”

Meanwhile, Winstead said the sequences that she shot featured a more traditional look, making those set pieces an even sharper contrast for viewers. “I know that it’s going to look really cool,” she said. “I know that the stuff we did looks so beautiful, just like a classic period piece, so I think it’s going to be so cool to have that meld with these crazy action sequences.”

In spite of the fact that the film is a mash-up of real-life characters and fictional creatures, Winstead said that she and her fellow cast members put a lot of work into making sure as much of the story as possible was historically accurate. “We definitely spent a lot of time on the history,” she explained.

Read the FULL interview when you click on the link up top.

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New video Interview with Mary!

Hey all. With day two of “The Thing” press junket going on, I’ve found this new interview with Mary talking about the upcoming film and her character. See it for yourself.

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Two New Clips from The Thing

Universal Pictures released two new clips featuring Mary & from the looks of it, showcase plenty of tension and paranoia amongst her peers. See for yourself in the clips below and caps will be available soon.