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New Candids Added to the Gallery

Thanks to Melanie, I’ve added some new (but old) candid shots of Mary. Head to the gallery to see all the latest photos. We have a pic of her on set of The Thing:

New pics of her at the Toronto airport when she was arriving to TIFF:

Walking her dog in Toronto while on break filming Scott Pilgrim:

And finally we have a new photo of Mary while at the Hamptons Film Festival:

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Alternate Ending to The Thing (2011) Described

StudioADI has uploaded a new behind the scenes video when they were working on The Thing and in it, they show what happens in the alternate ending to the film, which depicts an alien pilot to the discovered spacecraft. If you still haven’t seen the film, do not keep reading, spoilers ahead obviously. But anyway, according to the description, here’s how the alt. ending would’ve gone down:

The scripted ending to The Thing (2011) featured Kate inside the spacecraft, discovering the mummified remains of the pilot who first brought the craft to Earth, unleashing the Thing. A second pilot, still alive, attacks just as it mutates into a Thing version of itself. Shot but ultimately discarded in favor of a different direction, it gave us a great opportunity to design and build a unique alien life form and then push it into Thing territory when it changes. A full size animatronic/rod puppet provided physical elements on stage with a planned CG counterpart to flesh out the action. Watch The Thing Tom Woodruff Jr On Fire to see fire elements that were shot for what would have been the death of the CG pilot! All that burnin’ and nothing to do with it…

So bummed we couldn’t see this alternate version in the film, much less any of the amazing other practical effects they’d done at the time.

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The Thing New York Comic-Con Trailer Caps

Everyone remember back in 2010 when some of the cast from The Thing headed to the New York Comic-Con and showed a trailer that wasn’t released? Well, my good friend Darren managed to send me over a pretty decent version of the trailer and I’ve made several screen-caps off the trailer. I have to say though that this trailer definitely should’ve been the one that got released to promote the film. It was just the right amount of tension without giving anything away.

Be sure to head over to the gallery to see all the caps.

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Full Caps for The Thing!

I have finally uploaded over 1500 caps of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 2011’s The Thing to the gallery, all ready for your viewing pleasure! Be sure to check out all the pics and enjoy! 🙂

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First The Thing Caps and Production Wraps on A.C.O.D.

I have finally begun to upload the first caps for 2011’s The Thing. Since I’m doing them by hand, it’ll take some time, but please bear with me. I will continue to add additional caps throughout the weekend and everyday until I get the film completely capped. You can see the current caps in the gallery.

Also, production on Mary’s new film, A.C.O.D. has officially wrapped according to Mary:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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New Photos From Mary’s Young Hollywood Set Interview

I have uploaded some great new photos of Mary’s visit to the Young Hollywood studios back in October of last year while she was promoting The Thing. You can see the new pics, as well as the previous photos in the gallery.

And if you missed the original interview, you can see it here.

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New Interview of Mary in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald has released a new interview with Mary where they talk about her career including questions about The Thing, Scott Pilgrim, AL:VH, Smashed and doing theatre. You can read the full interview at the link above, but below are some of the questions asked about ALVH and future projects:

You’ve just finished shooting another film, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. What can you tell us about it?

It’s the story of Abraham Lincoln, the historically accurate story of his life from childhood up through the Civil War and the assassination. But it weaves in this completely fictional account of the vampires and this underworld that existed during this time and basically tells the untold story of Abraham Lincoln, that he was not only a presidential candidate and great president, but also a bad-ass vampire hunter and killer.

And you’re also appearing in Smashed, which is getting early awards talk.

I’ve been hearing those kind of things. I of course would never expect those kind of things, because if you expect those kind of things you’re building it up for disappointment. Just the fact that anyone’s even mentioned that it could possibly be part of awards season is incredible in and of itself. And just the wonderful things the critics at Sundance said, even if it ended there I would be so happy. I’m really happy that people responded well to it.

So are you sticking to smaller stuff?

Just for a little while. It feels like the right thing. I want to keep doing that for the time being. There’s a couple of films that I’m about to sign on to, or things are close, that are both very small independent type movies. I think at a certain point I’ll be ready to step back into a big studio film, but right now I’m just having fun sticking to the smaller fare.

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“The Thing Evolves” Screen Caps Added

I have uploaded over 200 caps of Mary in The Thing bonus “The Thing Evolves” featurette. The pics involve both tons of behind the scenes footage and scenes from the film. You can check out all the pics in the gallery & expect more caps soon. 🙂

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Screen Caps of The Thing Deleted Scenes Uploaded

I have added several screen captures of Mary in deleted scenes for The Thing which you can now view in the gallery. Caps from the DVD menu have also been uploaded. Hopefully Melanie will upload the feature film caps soon. In the meantime, enjoy the new additions. 🙂

DVD Menu

Deleted Scene– “It’s True”

DVD Deleted Scene– “That’s not Karl”

DVD Deleted Scene– “Come in, over!”