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“Wolf Lake” captures re-added

I have started to re-cap all of Mary’s Wolf Lake episodes – so far I have uploaded captures of the first and second episode that aired 10 years ago!

Episode #1 – “Meat The Parents”

Episode #2 – “The Changing”

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“The Thing” Featured in SFX Magazine

UK’s SFX Magazine did a pretty cool feature for “The Thing” when they visited the set a couple of months ago and they have interviews with the producer, Mary, Joel Edgerton and most importantly, the special effects artists. Be sure to check out the hi-res scans in the gallery. The film opens in theaters on October 14 & December 2 in the UK. Huge thanks to my pal Darren for the amazing scans!

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Mary At Halloween Horror Nights

On Tuesday night, Mary attended preview night for Halloween Horror Nights 21 in California where she got to check out The Thing:Assimilation maze. Although the interview hasn’t aired just yet, we can see a very quick peek of her being interviewed by Extra TV.

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Mary Elizabeth is Set to Get SMASHED

Oh wow! This is such fantastic news! We’re finally going to see Mary in a dramedy & the plot sounds great! Perfect opportunity for audiences to see Mary show the talent we know she truly has. 🙂 Here’s part of the announcement via Variety:

Super Crispy Entertainment is lining up an impressive cast for its latest project “Smashed,” as “The Thing” heroine Mary Elizabeth Winstead and “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul are in negotiations to topline the indie dramedy, while Octavia Spencer, the breakout star of “The Help,” and “Parks and Recreation” thesp Nick Offerman are in negotiations to co-star.

Loosely described as a modern day take on Blake Edwards’ 1962 drama “Days of Wine and Roses,” pic stars Winstead and Paul as a married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol. Their relationship is put to the test when the wife decides to get sober and attend AA meetings.

Spencer is in talks to play Winstead’s close friend and sponsor, while Offerman is in talks to play an assistant principal at the elementary school where the protag teaches.

Filming starts in November.

Congratulations, Mary! This is really exciting!

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“The Thing” world-wide release dates

Australia – 13 October 2011
Hong Kong – 13 October 2011
Portugal – 13 October 2011
Singapore – 13 October 2011
Thailand – 13 October 2011
Canada – 14 October 2011
India – 14 October 2011
Ireland – 14 October 2011
Italy – 14 October 2011
Norway – 14 October 2011
USA – 14 October 2011
France – 19 October 2011
Russia – 20 October 2011
Hungary – 27 October 2011
Belgium – 2 November 2011
Mexico – 11 November 2011
Germany – 17 November 2011
Brazil – 2 December 2011
UK – 2 December 2011
Denmark – 8 December 2011
Sweden – 9 December 2011

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Red Band Trailer for THE THING!

The red band trailer for The Thing has officially hit the web and you can watch it below. Expect screen caps soon, but beware: spoilers when you watch it. 3 weeks and counting! So exciting!

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“THING”TV Spot Captures

I have uploaded 12 captures from the first TV spot from The Thing called “Not Dead”. Enjoy the new pics in the gallery.

Click below to view all the photos:

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Magnificat Trailer Screencaps Added!

We saw the amazing trailer for Mary & Riley’s short film MAGNIFICAT last night, and now I’ve added the trailer screen caps to the gallery.

Click on the images below to view the full set.