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New UK interview with Mary About The Thing

It’s no secret that by now, everyone has compared Mary’s character Kate in The Thing to Sigourney Weaver’s character Ripley in the Alien movies. There’s a new interview out with Mary featured on the Total Film site talking about the comparison. The Thing hits UK theaters December 2.

When we asked Winstead, who up to this point is probably best known for playing the object of Scott Pilgrim’s affection, about the comparison, she responded: “I definitely expect people to be bringing up the Ripley thing!”

She continued by talking about the female empowerment she feels on the film because of her character.
“She’s sort of androgynous in a way, because her focus, and her passion in life, is her job. Finding a fossil in the ice is the utmost thing she could do. It’s a dream world for her, at first. And then it turns terrifying…”So how was it being stuck in such a claustrophobic, testosterone-heavy environment? “I like being the only girl around here! It’s nice. I feel respected and one of the guys, which I don’t often get to experience.

“I feel honoured to be the first female in this story. It’s cool.”

I will add scans from the TF issue as soon as I can!

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