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Mary Receives Rave Reviews After Smashed Premiere!

I’m so happy as I write this whole post up because this is the type of news I love to hear when it comes to Mary’s professional career. We first told you that Mary was already getting early buzz for the film, but now it’s official.

SMASHED finished premiering over at Sundance for the first time ever and after the screening, Mary has received several amazing reviews from various people. Below are some of the following reviews she got:

From Marie Claire magazine:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead kills it in Smashed! #Sundance


Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays cinema’s most adorable alcoholic in “Smashed.” She’s also mighty good.


Smashed – Everything I was hoping for with this film and more. Phenomenal script, loved it. One of @M_E_Winstead‘s best performances ever.
Wow, @M_E_Winstead had a really powerful moving performance in ‘Smashed’.
From Gordon and the Whale:
@jamesponsoldt‘s SMASHED is an honest, somber, and often good-humored portrait of an alcohol addict. @M_E_Winstead is marvelous.
From Collider:

RT @colliderfrosty: thought SMASHED was a really honest look at alcoholism with a career best performance by @M_E_Winstead

And finally, from Variety’s Jeff Sneider:

RT @TheInSneider: SMASHED is the best film I’ve seen AT #Sundance. @m_e_winstead does something completely different & delivers her best performance yet.



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