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Mary in New Flaunt Magazine Feature

Mary is looking stunning in a new feature up on the Flaunt Magazine web site. In it, she talks about her upcoming film Smashed and The Thing. Here’s what the magazine offers:

Regards the reprisal of classics like Carpenter’s, Winstead remarks, “With The Thing, there’s this fan base that loves the original. Then there’s this whole other group of people that are like, ‘I like that—it looks awesome,’ and have no clue about John Carpenter’s. And that’s the gap they’re trying to bridge. But I think that there are a lot of reprisals that are not being done with the same kind of respect as the The Thing, and I think it’s getting out of hand. We really do need to go back to original material and we need to seek out writers who have original ideas.”

On Smashed:

Winstead says of Smashed, “I’ve spent years just wanting to do something like this—years of wanting to do something small and performance-focused, and everybody saying, ‘You’re not a financial name. We need somebody who’s a financial name.’ And then finally realizing that that’s not always true. You just have to go out there and find the people that are willing to make movies just for the sake of making good movies. You have to get out there and do it.”

“We’re trying to make it so that it’s a story about somebody surviving, and not a sad, depressing story of this person who’s messed up their life,” she says of her Smashed character who attempts sobriety while her lover, Paul’s character, continues to booze. “Something that’s a little bit more powerful and forward moving than that. That’s the main challenge of it—not getting bogged down and indulged in the emotion of it, of just sobbing and crying.”

Hit the link above to check out the full interview and see the latest pics of her photoshoot in the gallery!