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Mary Is Redefining the Femme Fatale Role

Elle Magazine interviewed Mary on how she was initially skeptical to join the world of Fargo, take on television projects, breaking the mold of the femme fatale role, and hoping to work with more female directors in the future. Click the link to read the interview in full. Some highlights are below:

On being skeptical of turning Fargo into a TV series:
“I’ve been a huge fan of the movie since I was really young. I remember falling so in love with everything about it, particularly Frances McDormand’s performance as Marge. So when I heard they were doing a series, I was terrified. I actually met with [showrunner] Noah Hawley about the first season, but I ended up not being available, and then when I saw the show I was like, ‘Okay, I need to make myself available!’ So when he called about this season I said yes without hesitation, without reading anything or knowing anything about my character.”

On taking her time to take on television projects:

“I was slow to get on the TV bandwagon, because I was so attached to doing movies, and I’m still not willing to completely let that go. But at the same time, as movies and the way they’re made has started to change, the fact that television exists as a platform for creative people to tell the stories they really want to tell is a blessing. As soon as I caught onto what was happening, I embraced it wholeheartedly, because really it doesn’t matter. We just want to do good work, and if TV is the place that’s giving us those opportunities then so be it. I hope to continue to do both, and I also hope that maybe some of this TV success that’s been happening will rejuvenate the film industry a little bit too, and bring back some non-action blockbuster movies to theaters.”

On playing the role of Nikki Swango:

She’s incredibly smart and morally ambiguous, but she has such a positivity and a warmth underneath the hardened ex-con exterior. I didn’t have to try and play her as some sort of femme fatale cliché. That ‘Life’s a journey’ line she has…she just has such a bubbliness about her! I would have been bored if she had to be this sexy, serious bitch character, and I hope the audience will grow to like her despite her actions throughout the season.”


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  1. It’s so great to see you in Fargo! I love your character and can’t wait to see how she develops. I loved you in Brain Dead! Fantastic! Sorry to see it go, but then again you might not have been in Fargo. Mercy Street was a winner too. I’m a big fan, and am rooting for you!

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