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Malibu Magazine July/Aug 2016 scans

I’ve added scans of Mary’s photoshoot and interview with the latest issue of Malibu Magazine to the gallery. Some excerpts from the interview:

On why she tends to choose projects with a supernatural element: I like things that have a dark underbelly to them, whether it’s comedy horror or sci-fi horror or something that’s just really creepy and gets under your skin. I’ve always been drawn to that as a viewer, so as an actor, I tend to go back to that. My taste is my taste, and I’m drawn to weird rather than boring.”

On working on the PBS drama Mercy Street: It was scary for me at the beginning, because it was so different from anything I’ve ever done before. I had never done much work in that period, and the other actors are theater-trained actors who have done work in period pieces on film or on stage. That was one of the reasons I did it. It was such a unique challenge for me.

Mary also revealed that her husband is currently in the re-write phase of their new film together The Art of Self Defense and also says Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is one of the most memorable experiences of her film career. Be sure to read the full interview using the link above!