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New ‘BrainDead’ Interviews

The cast of BrainDead played a fun game where they had to figure out who said quotes: someone from the show or a politician. Watch below!

DirecTV has also published a new interview with Mary and Aaron Tveit. You can read some of it below but be sure to read the whole interview by clicking the link above:

Your role in BrainDead is really multifaceted—you can flex your horror film chops, but you can also play into more touching, dramatic story lines.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Yes, this show really brings it all to together! It’s like every genre in one, which for me is so much fun. I think as an actor, anytime you get to be funny and heartfelt and action oriented, it’s a win. There are so many different elements to the show, which is what I’m always looking for—you can take all your tools out of the toolbox—it makes it a lot more interesting.

You’ve also received a lot of attention for your role in 10 Cloverfield Lane. You seem to always be living in the land of conspiracy—is there something you think casting agents see in you, or do you think you’re just naturally drawn to these kinds of roles?

MEW: I think I tend to seek out roles where the character is just really active, and is constantly thinking and trying to accomplish something, do something, become something. I don’t like to be passive, playing characters who are sitting around or waiting for a phone call from their husband or whatever, which unfortunately is what is often offered to women—it’s a lot of sitting on the phone while the guy goes off and does the exciting stuff. So I’m really drawn to roles where the character is out there doing things and making something happen.

When you first got the script and you read about the bugs, what was your reaction?

MEW: I think I was just so blown away, because I didn’t expect this from the creators of The Good Wife! I think that’s what was so exciting to me. I thought to myself “This is so different for them, and so risky,” because it’s so strange and out there. It really made me excited to work for them, because they’re coming up with something so odd, unique, and unexpected. I was like, “Oh yeah these are the kind of people that I want to work for.”

The next new episode of BrainDead will air tomorrow, July 24 at 10pm on CBS!