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First ‘Ahsoka’ Interviews

Now that the Star Wars Celebration event has wrapped in London, I will begin posting some interviews Mary did while she was there promoting the show with the cast & crew. The first interview comes from one she did yesterday (4/8) with Rosario Dawson & Natasha Liu Bordizzo talking about how they feel joining the Star Wars universe and learning about their characters:

In another interview, Mary talks more about how happy she feels joining the Star Wars franchise and what a joy it is to work on the character and with the cast and crew who all love Star Wars:

Mary also spoke with ET Canda about how she feels joining the Star Wars franchise (around the 2:35 mark):

And in another interview with Screen Rant, Mary was asked if her husband Ewan McGregor any advice joining the series and if she’d love her character to team up with Obi-Wan:

I don’t know that he gave me any advice necessarily, other than to just enjoy it. He just told me about what a special experience it is to get to be part of something that means so much to so many people. And that already is proving true just today. And, yeah! I think if there was any way to make the timelines match up in some way, I would be incredibly happy to do that.

Stay tuned for even more ‘Ahsoka’ interviews with Mary to be released soon!


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