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Mary’s Christmas Celebration

Mary spent her Christmas with Ewan’s children this year which included his oldest daughter Clara, Esther, Jamyan, and Anouk. At the holiday gathering, they were joined by Ewan’s ex-wife Eve & of course, Mary and Ewan’s son, Laurie. The pic was posted to Clara’s Instagram account. Head to the gallery to check out the full-sized photo! 🙂

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Mary and Ewan Leave Restaurant Together

Brand new candids have been released of Mary and Ewan leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica on December 16. The couple left arm and arm before Ewan drove off. You can view the new pics in the gallery.

Video of them leaving the restaurant has also been added:

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Ewan Facetimes Mary at Tokyo Comic Con

During a moment at Tokyo Comic Con today, Ewan facetimed Mary and an official pic was released. There’s also a quick video someone took which you can view below:

In other news, I forgot to upload this video, but a behind the scenes video was released of the Scott Pilgrim Cast came out recording some lines for the Netflix series. All episodes are currently streaming.

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Mary Attends New ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Event

I have added brand new photos of Mary Elizabeth Winstead from earlier this week where she was in attendance at the Egyptian Theater with her Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (2010) co-star Ellen Wong, director Edgar Wright, creator of the SP series Bryan Lee O’Malley and her former Swiss Army Man directors The Daniels.
I have also included video where Edgar talks about casting Mary as Ramona Flowers and another part where she talks about her experience filming the movie.

And just as a reminder: ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ will begin streaming on Netflix this Friday, November 17.



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Mary Elizabeth Attends Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Premiere

On Friday, Mary attended the first premiere for ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is officially over and at the event, she was joined by her co-stars Ellen Wong, Brandon Routh and Satya Bhabha along with film director Edgar Wright and creator of the Scott Pilgrim comics Bryan Lee O’Malley. While there, Mary also reunited with her ex-husband Riley Stearns. The final trailer for the upcoming Netflix series was also released and the show will begin streaming this week on November 17th.

Head to the gallery to check out the new pics. Video for the final trailer is below.

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Mary at NYCC 2023 and New ‘Faults’ Pictures

Earlier this month, Mary attended New York Comic Con and I have uploaded some new photos of Mary from day 1 of 2 of the event where she met tons of fans and signed memorabilia for everyone. Head to the gallery to view all the pics.

In other news, Mary’s ex-husband Riley Stearns recently shared some new(/old) photos of Mary on the set of Faults, as the film just turned 10. You can read the full post he dedicated to the film here.

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Ahsoka Episode 8 Screencaps

I have uploaded the final scene of Mary in the season 1 finale of Ahsoka into the gallery.

What did you guys think of the show overall? Any favorite episodes? Mine was  definitely episode 5. 😉

Click on the pictures below to view the screencaps and hopefully we get news of a season 2!

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New Photo of Mary and Ewan

I have uploaded a brand new photo of Mary and Ewan together at the 60th anniversary of Alpinestars at The Bike Shed in Los Angeles, California. The photo of them on the red carpet together was taken last week on September 21st. Head to the gallery to see the full-sized photo.

Love seeing them together! 🙂 And thanks to Melissa for the heads up on the pic!

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‘Ahsoka’ Episode 7 Screen Caps and New ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Clip

I have finally screen capped and added over 80 captures of Mary’s scene in this past week’s episode of Ahsoka. Next Tuesday marks the 8th and final episode of the season, and hopefully the show will get picked up for a season 2.
Head to the gallery to check out the new photos!

In other news, a brand new clip from the upcoming Netflix series ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off‘ has been released and teases Mary’s appearance. You can view the clip below! SPTO will begin streaming on November 17th.

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‘Ahsoka’ Episode 5 Screen Captures and New Podcast Interview

I have finally screen-capped over 200 images of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in this past week’s episode of ‘Ahsoka’. Head to the gallery to check out the new pics!

In other news, Mary did a brief interview on a podcast talking about Ahsoka and playing General Hera Syndulla. During the interview, Mary talks about how her house is ‘peppered’ with Star Wars memorabilia, the training she did for the show and her favorite days on set. You can hear the interview here around the 1 hr:06 mark.
(*NOTE: Mary’s podcast interview was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA and Writers’ strike).