Noah Hawley Talks Fargo

Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley sat down with IGN at the ATX panel last week and while discussing the show, he talked about how Mary’s character seems to be cheating death and if her character really loved  Ray.

IGN: First off, I want to tell you how much I love Nikki. With each episode this season, I’ve grown to love her more because she’s constantly showing me that she’s not what I assumed she was. Which was, initially, a femme fatale-type who was probably using Ray to get her hands on some cash. Was it always the plan to make her lean away from that archetype?

Noah Hawley: Yeah, I mean I went through, in the writing process and in the room – we gamed it out in different ways and I think there was a gravitational pull toward her running a con on him [Ray] and I just found that uninteresting, honestly. Everyone always says that conflict is drama and I agree but I also don’t think you need drama everywhere. Or conflict everywhere. Like with Patrick Wilson and Cristin Milioti last year. I mean, she had cancer but they never fought and there was never any conflict between them. I think with a story that has as much violence as we have you want to give the audience a place where they feel safe. And something they love. And the idea that she loves Ray, you know what I mean? She’s the first person in his life who thinks he’s the better brother. We love her for that.


IGN: I think I’ve thought that Nikki was done for probably two of three times on the season so far. I just thought “she’s dead.” Or “she’s going to die.” But she survives and now, with this last escape, it seemed like she was being protected by mystical forces. Was it always the plan to have this Eastern Block mysticism in Season 3? The Jewish folklore aspects? 

Hawley: This season was a really serendipitous collision of things that I wanted to do with the moment that we’re in. The whole Cossack story was fueled by my grandmother’s story – my mother’s mom – and how she escaped from the Ukraine in the middle of the night with her parents and their ten kids being pursued by the Cossacks. And then them coming to America. So I was thinking of exploring that with the Yuri character. And then we also got into the whole Russia hacking and stuff like that. All that stuff was in the mix, the idea of really looking at how shielded we are here, on some level, from the real carnage that occurs in countries around the world. This idea that Stalin starved 20 million people. Or 20 million Russians died in World War II. So it was looking at all those elements and then using it with what I’ve read and the research I’ve done. And I came across the story of Rabbi Nachman and going to the mass graves and it all just sort of came together for me in a way. Obviously, we had a UFO last year and it just seemed like these people are in the wilderness and they’re so far away from everything and there’s a literal and metaphorical quality to it. But it does feel like something that fits into a Coen Brothers universe.

Seth Meyers Interviews Mary

Earlier this week, Mary dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about her show, Fargo. You can watch the full interview with Mary over on the NBC website at the 25:33 mark, or simply view a clip of her talking about how she tried to learn bridge.
Paige also added more photos of Mary’s first appearance on the show from last year into the gallery here.

AOL Build Series Photos and Interview

Yesterday in New York, Mary stopped by AOL’s Build Series to discuss the current season of Fargo. I’ve added over 60 photos of her while being interviewed as well as photo shoot pictures of her. You can watch the full 30 minute interview below:

Arriving at the AOL Build Series

Mary Reveals Details on Latest Fargo Episode

Yesterday’s (June 7) episode of Fargo was the craziest one yet and Mary Elizabeth Winstead spoke to several outlets to talk about it. There’s spoilers in every single one of these interviews, so only read if you’ve seen the ep. I will just post some highlights, but click on the links to read them in full:

The Wrap:

TheWrap: What was the toughest part about shooting the episode?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: How ambitious it was, combined with the time constraints of shooting television — even when I read it, I just thought, “How are we going to do this?” If this was a movie, we would spend two months just on this. When you [watch the episode], it all moves so quickly that maybe it doesn’t seem as [difficult] as what we really had to shoot. It was at night and freezing cold. And just to be chained together and not be able to communicate in the way that you normally do, I don’t think I’ve ever been in quite a unique situation like that before.

It’s interesting to see Nikki become the hero of the show. How will fans react to where the rest of the season takes her?
She’s evolved so much — I don’t think I ever would have imagined that she ends up in the places that she goes to in the second half of the season when I started. Noah had told me that when I signed on, that she would be the heart of the season. I think [fans will] be continually surprised — I know I was in reading it. Every turn, I felt something was happening that I didn’t expect and that I was totally shocked and excited by. Nikki continues to stir things up in a way that you hope she would. She doesn’t give up because that would be totally out of character for her. She keeps fighting the good fight.

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Mary Stops by New York Live and Facebook Live

Yesterday in New York, Mary stopped by New York Live to discuss season 3 of Fargo and to talk about her music, revealing that someday she’d like to put something out on her own. Watch that interview below:

Later that day, she stopped by Facebook to take some viewer questions to talk about the show. You can watch that on their page here.

Mary Stops By Sirius XM Radio

Day two of Mary promoting Fargo in New York continues with her stopping by the SiriusXM radio studios. Love how fresh her whole look is! Head to the gallery to check out the new pics!

Mary Attends CFDA Event

Mary is gearing up to promote Fargo this week in New York, stopping by the AOL Build Series on Thursday as well as Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday. Before doing so, Mary’s first night in NY was spent attending the CFDA’s Fashion Awards, where she arrived with designer Lela Rose. I’ve added HQs of Mary at the event, and will hopefully be adding more soon. Enjoy!


Mary Attends Gold Derby Emmy’s Party

Last week, Mary attended Gold Derby’s Emmy Season Kickoff Party with her Fargo co-star Olivia Sandoval. You can head to the gallery to check out the new pics, and if you missed her interview with Gold Derby from last month, you can watch it below.

Fargo 3×07 Screencaps and BTS video; 3×08 Preview

Paige has screen capped Mary’s scenes in episode 3×07 of FX’s Fargo. There’s only 3 episodes remaining this season. How crazy is that?! Below are the caps, as well as a behind the scenes video from the episode where the actors talk about how technology is taking over in the 2010 setting and a preview for next week’s episode, airing on June 7.

Behind the scenes of 3×07

3×08 preview: