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Birds of a Feather Featurette Screen Caps

Warner Bros. has released a new video featuring the cast of Birds of Prey, director Cathy Yan and screenwriter Christina Hodson. In the video, you can see how much the ladies trained for the film along with some other behind the scenes footage. I screen capped Mary’s clips and you can view them in the gallery.

The film will be available on demand/digital release March 24. You can pre-order the film for digital or DVD/blu-ray here.

Blu-ray special features will include the following:

Birds Eye View, Birds Of Prey: Birds Of A Feather, Romanesque, A Love Skate Relationship, Grime And Crime, Sanity Is So Last Season, Wild Nerds, Diamond Dance Part 1, Diamond Dance Part 2

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New Mary in New York Candids; Birds of Prey to Release on VOD Early

We certainly have been getting a bunch of brand new candids of Mary lately and the trend continued this past Sunday when Mary and her boyfriend Ewan McGregor, were spotted in New York City showing some PDA while out with his kids. They even stopped by a bakery to pick up some sweets. Head to the gallery to see all the HQ pics!

In other news, it has been announced via Fandango that Birds of Prey will be available 1 month early to rent/buy on demand at FandangoNow beginning March 24! You can also pre-order it on iTunes for the March 24th release date for $19.99. The physical DVD copy will be released some time in April.

Hopefully you’re all doing well if you’re doing in-home isolation’s! Stay safe out there, everyone!

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New Photos of Mary in New York

On Wednesday March 4th, Mary was spotted in New York City with Ewan McGregor as the pair walked Mary’s dog Ambrosius. You can head to the gallery to see all the pics in HQ.

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New Candids of Mary in NYC And 1883 Magazine Outtakes

New candid photos of Mary walking her dog Ambrosius with Ewan in Manhattan this past Sunday have been released and I’ve added them into the gallery. Ambrosius looks so cute in his little sweater!

I’ve also uploaded some new 1883 Magazine outtakes! Enjoy!

Mary looks soooo stunning in this new shoot! I love all the pics!

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‘Birds of Prey’ DVD Available for Pre-Order And New Photo Shoot Outtakes

I have added a few new outtakes of Mary’s latest photo shoots to the site. They are from this month’s 1883 Magazine and Citizen K’s 100th issue as well as her recent Who What Wear shoot. You can view all the updated albums in the gallery.

Citizen K Mag:
1883 Magazine:
Who What Wear
In other news, the steel-book DVD for Birds of Prey is now available for pre-order over on the Best Buy website as well as the DVD and Blu-Ray. You can also pre-order it off Amazon.

Warner Bros. also released a new poster of the cast celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’, the day before Valentine’s Day where you spend the day with your female friends and leave your husbands/boyfriends at home. 😛

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‘Birds of Prey’ Lands in 1st At the Box Office

Birds of Prey landed in first place at the box office this weekend, nabbing a total of $33.3 million domestically in its first weekend. Internationally, it has garnered a total of $48 million. Below is a summary of the top 5 films for the weekend of February 7-9. Hopefully the film will continue to make more money and more people see it! It’s a really great film so if you haven’t already, go get your ticket!


Birds of Prey $33.3M
Bad Boys for Life $12.0M
1917 $9.0M
Dolittle $6.7M
Jumanji: The Next Level $5.5M
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New ‘Birds of Prey’ Photo Shoots and Interviews

There are two brand new photo shoots I have added into the gallery that Mary did to promote her new film Birds of Prey. The first one is from Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table, where a film cast get together and discuss their movie over a meal. You can see that photo by clicking the thumbnail below and viewing the entire video interview below:


Secondly, Mary has a new photo shoot with WhoWhatWear. Some of the photos are below and some highlights from the interview. Be sure to click the link above to read it in full:

Do you remember when you got the call to come in for this project? What was your initial reaction?

It piqued my interest because it was so female-led. Margot Robbie, the fact that she was starring in it, because I really respect her as an actress, but also the fact that she was producing, I thought was really interesting. I went and watched Cathy Yan’s first film, which I loved, so I really wanted to meet her and talk to her about it. I was really curious about Birds of Prey from the get-go, more so than I think other films in this genre, because I think I thought, Oh, you sort of know what to expect, whereas this was something new to me. I was excited to meet all these women who are strong and interesting and unique.

What was your fitness regimen preparing for this role?

You know, thankfully they didn’t put us on any particular fitness regimen other than training for the roles, which was what do you need to know in order to play this character? What do you need to be able to do? Sometimes I was on my own, sometimes I was with the other girls, but we just had a big warehouse and trained with the stunt team for several months, did a lot of jujitsu, various kinds of martial arts, a lot of drills that would sort of slowly build into choreography over time, so it was really fun. I really loved it. I love working with stunt people because I find them to be just incredible people and so supportive and sweet, and their work ethic is incredible, and obviously their talent is unimaginable. I always find it really inspiring just to be around stunt people. I feel really lucky to get the opportunity to do that.

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THR Interviews Mary; More Birds of Prey Interviews

THR caught up with Mary to discuss Birds of Prey and her upcoming action film Kate (hitting Netflix later this year), and I’ve highlighted some of the Q&A’s below. Be sure to click the link above to read it in full:

In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, he made the point that Bruce Wayne is Batman’s mask, figuratively speaking. With that in mind, how would you differentiate Huntress from Helena? Is Huntress her true face, a la Batman?

I think she creates Huntress from Helena. She creates Huntress from the pain that Helena has experienced in her youth. Huntress is the face she can put on to put that pain into action and turn that pain into something good in her eyes. She gets to be an avenger, she gets to have purpose and she gets to be more than just this scared little girl that she was when her family was killed in front of her. I think that’s what the character or persona of Huntress represents to her.

Physically speaking, is this the hardest job you’ve ever had?

It was up until that point. Since then, I’ve moved on and done a much more action-heavy movie [Kate] after Birds of Prey, which was great. But Birds of Prey was definitely a big, huge leap in that direction for me to really train hard with a stunt team and go beyond what I’ve done before in terms of fight training and physicality. I really loved it.

Given the women-led creative team, did you and your castmates have greater camaraderie?

Absolutely. We talked about it a lot. I remember speaking with Jurnee about how she and I have both been in the business since we were kids — well over 20 years now — and how this is the first time this has happened for either of us, which is shocking, strange and not right. But, at the same time, it’s made this experience so special, and it was such a bonding experience for all of us to go through this film together, to be in the trenches together, to be working hard together, to be putting out work that we’re proud of and to have it be our own. It feels great to not be standing behind a bunch of men, but to actually be standing in front of it as women with something that we made, something that we’re proud of and something that we put our blood, sweat and tears into.

Lots more video interviews with Mary promoting Birds of Prey with the cast have also been uploaded and you can view them after the cut.

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Mary on Fallon Tonight!

Mary made her debut last night (Feb. 3rd) on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and while there, they talked about their time together working on the 2006 film ‘Factory Girl’. They also talked about Birds of Prey and showed a brand new clip! Screen caps will come soon but in the meantime, I also added HQ stills of Mary’s appearance into the gallery. You can also see Mary’s full interview below: