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More Awesome Reviews of Mary’s SMASHED Performance!

Yay, Mary! Today, a couple of new reviews post-Smashed screening over at Sundance FF 2012 have been published, and they’re nothing short of amazing. Here’s the first one via Slashfilm:

Filmmaker James Ponsoldt‘s feature debut Off The Black premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006. It was met with a lackluster response, but everyone seemed to praise the performances despite the troubled screenplay. After seeing last year’s heavily buzzed-about film Like Crazy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead contacted producer Jonathan Schwartz and Andrea Sperling because she wanted to be in a film like the one they produced. This year, Ponsoldt, Schwartz and Sperling returned to Park City Utah with Smashed, which features a must-see tour de force performance from Winstead.

The character-driven script follows a teacher dealing with alcoholism, and the problems that her marriage poses in her efforts to become sober. Winstead plays the teacher, and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) plays her almost-always drunk husband. The story is basic and obvious (as in that it has the standard after school special character arc) but the details are polished and authentic-feeling.

The screenplay also features some nice moments of comedy. For example, when Winstead’s character turns up hungover to work and vomits in front of her class, she lies about being pregnant to keep her job. This lie snowballs into some funny bits later on. The fact that the film has comedic moments shouldn’t be surprising considering it was co-written by sketch comic Susan Burke.

But the film is Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s to own. Winstead’s performance is powerful, moving — a must see. It will bring you to verge of tears. Aaron Paul has a nice turn, but nothing out of the realm that we’ve seen in Breaking Bad. It’s also worth noting that Octavia Spencer (The Help) has a nice supporting performance.

/Film Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Smashed Premiere Photos plus Other Sundance Event Pics

Last night marked the first ever premiere for Mary’s new movie SMASHED and was welcomed with amazing reviews! That said, I have added several photos from the premiere to the gallery. If I come across more, I will be sure to add them.

You can see the premiere photos by clicking on the thumbs below:

I’ve also added some new SMASHED photo portraits:

Some new pics of Mary and Aaron playing Jenga at the T-Mobile Google Music Village at the Lift:

And finally, more pics from the Sorel at VEVO Lounge:


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Mary Receives Rave Reviews After Smashed Premiere!

I’m so happy as I write this whole post up because this is the type of news I love to hear when it comes to Mary’s professional career. We first told you that Mary was already getting early buzz for the film, but now it’s official.

SMASHED finished premiering over at Sundance for the first time ever and after the screening, Mary has received several amazing reviews from various people. Below are some of the following reviews she got:

From Marie Claire magazine:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead kills it in Smashed! #Sundance


Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays cinema’s most adorable alcoholic in “Smashed.” She’s also mighty good.


Smashed – Everything I was hoping for with this film and more. Phenomenal script, loved it. One of @M_E_Winstead‘s best performances ever.
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Even More Photos of Mary at Sundance 2012!

I have added even more photos of Mary at the Sundance Film Festival. The first set features Mary and her SMASHED co-stars as well as the film’s director attending the Variety Studio At The 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Moreover, pics from a cast interview at the Sundance channel, a SMASHED photoshoot and Mary attending a Grey Goose Vodka event have all been added to the gallery!

“Smashed” Portraits

Grey Goose Blue Door event

The Sundance Channel Interviews the cast of “Smashed”

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First Sundance Photos Arrive!

The first batch of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival have hit, and I’ve uploaded them into the gallery. Mary hit up the Celebrate The Filmmakers Sponsored By Youtube event. You can see all the HQ pics by clicking on the thumbs below. We’ll be updating the site with tons more pics from Sundance and the premiere of Smashed throughout the weekend so keep checking back!

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Mary Getting TONS of Early Buzz for Smashed

This is super exciting! Smashed is only a few days from premiering at Sundance 2012 and Mary has been getting a bunch of early online buzz for her performance as well as one of the films to check out if you’re attending Sundance. Huge congrats Mary! This is only the beginning of one heck of an amazing career! We’ll keep you posted on all Sundance updates and photos of Mary!

THR for one, named Mary as one of the six faces to watch out for:

Although the 27-year-old actress has done her share of studio work (The Thing, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Final Destination 3), her raw performance in the competition film Smashed as a woman struggling to shed her marriage’s dependence on alcohol showcases stripped-down dramatic chops that could open doors.

NextMovie also praises Mary’s acting, saying it’ll show audiences her acting chops. Something we’ve all known she’s always had. 😉

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“The Thing”) has long been one of our favorite young actresses, but up until now she’s never really been given the chance to show what we knew she had all along — real acting chops. That all looks to change with her reportedly harrowing turn in “Smashed,” an intense drama in which she stars as Kate, a hard partying elementary schoolteacher forced to get her life on track. Winstead is the reason we’re psyched to see this, but the film also boasts a solid supporting cast that includes Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), Octavia Spencer (“The Help”) and “Will and Grace” funny-lady Megan Mullaly.

FilmSchoolRejects also echoes the same feelings…

While many films look at addiction and the downward spiral it can send users into, Smashed looks to focus on the point between rock bottom and recovery as Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) sobers up and realizes that her marriage to Charlie (Aaron Paul) may have been rooted in booze rather than love. Paul has been getting critical acclaim for his work on AMC’s Breaking Bad and it should be interesting to see him playing against Windstead (whose performance was one of the highlights in last year’s The Thing) with TV royalty Nick Offerman and wife Megan Mullally rounding out the cast.


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New Candids

I have added some new candids to the site’s gallery.

The first come from Mary shopping at The Grove in L.A. this past December. You can see a video of that here.

Additionally, you can see a new candid pic of Mary and Riley leaving W Magazine’s 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Celebration here. Special thanks to Cindy for the Grove pics!! 🙂


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New look!

As you call can see, we have a new layout up! I really hope you like it as much as I and Jessica do – the picture is from Mary’s photo shoot with Flaunt magazine last year (you can check out more of the set here in our gallery). Unfortunately, this is going to be my last update until the end of February since I have exams coming up – but when I am back I promise to finally work a little more to bring back the site’s content. Until then I am sure Jessica will continue to do a fabulous job and keep you all updated with what’s going on with Mary and her career! 🙂

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Mary Attends Another New Golden Globes Event!

Mary is looking really stunning on the red carpet lately! Last night, Mary attended the” W Magazine, With Dom Perignon, Celebrates Its Best Performances Issue And The Golden Globes” pre-party event looking amazing once again!

Check out the pics in the gallery, and if anything, I will add more later today. ENJOY!

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“Cost of Living” Premiering Online this Valentine’s Day

Another short film Mary has a small role in as ‘the computer voice’ for director BenDavid Grabinski’s “Cost of Living”, will be premiering online this Valentine’s Day.

Grabinski took to his Tumblr and posted some behind the scenes footage, which was done by Mary’s husband Riley. Cost of Living reunites Mary with her Scott Pilgrim vs the World star Brandon Routh.

We’ll be sure to post the video in full once online, but for now, enjoy the teaser footage.

Cost Of Living – Behind the Scenes Teaser from BenDavid Grabinski on Vimeo.