Upcoming Mary Appearances for ‘All About Nina’ Promotion

With All About Nina about to released in a week, Mary will be making a couple appearances at some film festivals and other places. First up will be at the Los Angeles Film Festival on September 23 at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. A Q&A with the cast will follow with the cast after the screening.

Next, she will attend the AOL Build series on September 27. Tickets are currently available which you can get here. This is a free event, but you must register to attend.

Afterwards, she will attend the Montana Film Festival and do a Q&A after the screening, but will only attend the Saturday night viewing on October 6 at 6pm. You can get tickets for that HERE. Admission for this festival is also free.

New ‘All About Nina’ Stills; Film to Screen At USC

With the film being released in 10 days(!!), I have added a couple of new HQ stills of Mary in her upcoming film All About Nina to the gallery. You can view them by clicking on the pics below. Hopefully more will be coming out real soon.

Don’t forget that the film will be screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival on September 23 at 7:30pm with rush tickets currently left!

In related news, All About Nina will also show at USC in the Ray Stark Family Theatre. Director Eva Vives will attend along with editor Saira Haider. There’s free admission and open to the public, but RSVPs are required. You can find more info HERE.

Director Eva Vives Reveals Why She Chose Mary to Star in All About Nina

In a new interview with Ion Cinema, director Eva Vives revealed how she decided to cast Mary in her new film All About Nina, hitting select theaters on September 28. Be sure to click the link to read it in full:

I was wondering what characteristics, sensibilities, perhaps even previous roles help shape your casting choice for Mary Elizabeth Winstead? What were those first conversations like about the character of Nina like?

Vives: Well, most of her work really because I think she’s fantastic and versatile and layered and subtle, which is not valued these days as much as it should be. Specially in women. But the moment that made me fall in love with her (and I told her this) was the scene when she pisses herself in SMASHED. And even more specifically, a particular moment right after she pees when she actually looks relived and happy for a second! I love that. I rewatched it again when I was thinking about casting her and I thought: someone who can play all those emotions so quickly, can also play Nina.

The biggest question for Nina (for any actress) was anger. The very first meeting I had with Mary she said the over-riding emotion for her for Nina was rage. The minute she said that word, I knew we saw her the same way. We had a lot of conversations (on set specially) about how much rage she was keeping down at any given moment. She’s a tough character to play because of all the things she doesn’t say. That’s what I think Mary excels at – and that’s saying a lot because she’s such a great actor overall. I also particularly enjoyed seeing her come to her anger with Nina because Mary is SO not like that. So it was really an amazing transformation to witness.

I would say “action” and she would just… turn into someone else. I remember one day, when we were shooting the first scene with Jay Mohr and Mary said her line: “Have fun jacking off to me tonight.” Jay asked her to say it again and Mary was like: “No, fuck off!” And Jay was like: “No, I just need to get my line right.” We all started laughing because she was so in character that she told him to fuck off which is exactly what Nina would have done.


Lavallee: Can you discuss the collaborative process you had with your cinematographer?
Vives: Thomas Scott Stanton, my wonderful DP, was seminal in helping me choose the look of the film, of course. But also, and since we are acknowledging the contributions that key people have on film, I want to say that Thomas was so so great in dealing with actors.

or example, in the scene in which Nina cries in the bathroom… I went to see Mary in her trailer and as soon as I saw her, I realized she was ready to go. So I left and ran back to the set and the bathroom where Thomas was lighting with his team and I said: “She’s ready. We gotta go.” And he saw my face and understood, I didn’t want to miss it, to let the moment pass with Mary. So he said: Ok.

She came in, I said lets just do one shot and let it go and see what happens and the minute I said action, she started crying like… she hadn’t in years (the character I mean). We let her cry as long as she wanted, until she was done. I checked in with Thomas a couple of times. He gave me the thumbs up. And that was that.

It sounds simple but he could have fucked that up by adjusting lights too much or being precious about something in that moment. He understood that Mary’s performance was integral to the film and if he didnt get that, the rest didnt matter.

All About Nina Poster and Trailer Debut!

The day has finally arrived! The debut trailer for Mary’s film All About Nina hit the web last night and as always, this looks like it’s going to be great! I’ve added the poster/banner as well as HD screen caps of Mary from the trailer, all of which you can view below/in the gallery. Additionally, Mary spoke with EW about taking on the role.



Trailer Screen Caps

“It was an incredible opportunity to play somebody who really runs the gamut of what life can throw at you. It’s emotional, it’s funny, it’s dark, it’s romantic. It really has a little bit of everything.”

As for working with rapper/actor Common, Mary had this to say…

“At first their connection is a bit strange because neither of them has ever met anybody like the other before,” Winstead says. “It’s setting something off in each other that neither of them really understands, and that’s particularly difficult for Nina in the beginning because she has a way of operating with men that she’s very comfortable with, even though it’s very unhealthy. When she meets Rafe, it’s so different than what she’s used to that she doesn’t quite know how to handle it.”

The film will hit select theaters on September 28.

‘All About Nina’ to Screen At the Calgary Film Festival

The Calgary International Film Festival announced today a new batch of films that will be playing at the festival and Mary’s new movie All About Nina is among them.

From the site:

Nina Geld (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is standup comic on the rise. And while she may be funny, she may be provocative, and she may just be the next big thing…it all may be for naught, as her personal life is an utter mess.

From SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD to 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE to FARGO, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has consistently proven herself to be one the most interesting actresses working today. But nothing you’ve seen before can properly prepare you for the revelatory performance on display here, as she catapults herself onto the acting “A” List, with a performance for the ages.

At turns funny, gut-wrenching, and profane, ALL ABOUT NINA is the remarkable feature film debut of writer/director Eva Vives.

The Calgary International Film Festival will run from September 19 – 30, 2018.

Early bird passes and ticket bundles are now available.

Mary Spotted in New York City; ‘All About Nina’ Coming Soon to Theaters

Mary is currently in New York City, and she was spotted arriving at her hotel yesterday afternoon (July 31). I’ve added a few pictures of her heading into the building and you can view the whole set in the gallery. So great to see new pictures of her again!

In other news, Mary’s latest film All About Nina will be released on September 28. I will have more news and a trailer soon so be on the lookout!

‘All About Nina’ Acquired by The Orchard

Variety has reported that The Orchard has bought North American distribution rights to Eva Vives’ “All About Nina” at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie, which premiered at Tribeca last month, follows a stand-up comedian (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who ditches an abusive lover ( played by Chace Crawford) and heads to Los Angeles, where she continues her hard-drinking ways and finds a promising new love interest (Common). Beau Bridges and Kate Del Castillo also star.

“After years of living this story, I finally decided to make a film out of it,” said Vives, who made her directorial debut with the project. “I am so excited and proud that a company with a track record and taste as exquisite as The Orchard will help me put it out in the world. Working with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Common was a dream come true. I hope you laugh as much as I did making this film.”

It will be released theatrically later this year.

Congrats to Mary, Eva and the rest of the cast! Can’t wait to see it.

Reviews for the film can be read here.