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The Wrap Interviews Mary on Mercy Street

The Wrap has released a brand new video interview where Mary talks about her upcoming show Mercy Street, debuting this Sunday at 10 pm on PBS. Here’s what she had to say:

There is so much drama inherent in the story, inherent in the Civil War itself, and just the directions they go with the storyline — when I hear what they are based on — it’s kind of shocking, like, ‘Oh no, this really happened.’ It’s so fascinating and entertaining to watch.

The six-episode series follows the lives of two volunteer nurses on opposing sides of the Civil War in Alexandria, Virginia, and co-stars Shalita Grant (“NCIS: New Orleans”) and Josh Radnor (“How I Met Your Mother”).

“I’m pumped for people to see it. It’s such a talented group of people, such a great story, a great bunch of stories kind of interwoven together … I think it’s really entertaining but also sort of educational.


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