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Screen Crush Reviews Smashed

As the title reads, Screen Crush has released their review for Smashed and gave the film a really nice review. Below is part of the review, and you can read the full review by clicking the link above:

Here’s what a jerk might think looking in on an AA meeting. “Why do they each have to get up and speak? They’re all a bunch of drunks who hit rock bottom, ruined their lives and are now struggling to get their act together, right? We know the drill.”

Those who’ve lived through it (or studied it) understand that “sharing” is a key part of recovery, and that each story is unique. ‘Smashed,’ an independently produced recovery tale poised to launch Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an absolute A-lister, is a remarkable piece of work. It is sad, funny and wise. There’s nothing in it that you haven’t seen before, but to bear witness is a total emotional workout and a journey absolutely worth taking.

Winstead’s Kate is a blast to be around. She’s sharp and witty and, yeah, drinks a beer in the shower, sips from a flask in her car and, oops, gets the dry heaves at work. Unfortunately work is as a first grade teacher, so that’s a little more than inappropriate. At some point along the way she went from fun girl to functioning alcoholic to not-so-functioning alcoholic, and is now becoming aware of it. (Her first puffs on a crack pipe and waking up under a bridge are the other big clues.)

In ‘Smashed,’ the painful truths of recovery are laid bare: it never gets easy. Everyone has slip-ups, everyone hurts their loved ones, everyone encounters skeptics that insist it isn’t “really a disease.” In terms of shattering skepticism, I’d like to officially apologize for all the times I’ve shrugged off Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Yes, she was foxy in ‘Death Proof’ and, yes, she was adorable in ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,’ but she was a snooze in ‘The Thing’ and in ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.’ Here she shows what all those casting directors saw, genuine originality and talent. Again, there’s nothing all that new in the overall arc of ‘Smashed,’ so it’s all weighing on Winstead’s shoulders. She doesn’t miss a beat, and we root for her from the very first frame. Considering the usual dearth of great roles for women and the recent trend of highlighting a young up and comer, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see her name tossed around during awards season.

Final Rating: 8/10