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New Owl Mag Interview with Got A Girl

Following a review and new photos, Owl Mag has published their interview with Got A Girl following their Los Angeles concert that took place late last month. Below are some highlights from the interview, but she sure to click the link above to read it in full:

The Owl Mag: You guys have been working on these songs on-and-off since 2010. The five dates on this tour are your first live appearances. What’s it like getting to play these songs live after having worked on them for so long?
Dan The Automator Nakamura: Everything’s been really incredible. Anything’s gonna have a little bump here and there, but it’s all worked really well. Mary’s an amazing frontperson with charisma. The show just speaks for itself, in terms of the reaction of the fans, which is actually the true judgement. I think it’s been going very well.
Winstead: Yeah, we’ve gotten good reactions so far, which has been great, because this is something totally new for me. I’ve never performed like this in any capacity until a week ago when we first started these shows. It’s a big relief for me to feel like it’s going as well as it has. It’s kind of a good thing, in a way, that it’s taken this long. We would have loved to have done shows three years ago, but since we were both doing other stuff, it didn’t happen. I know my confidence has grown a lot since I was 25, when we were first working on these songs.

TOM: Mary, you’re well known for your acting. Since acting is also a creative endeavor, is there a different energy that goes into writing and performing these songs? Or does it all come from the same creative place?

Winstead: It’s interesting. Part of what made it easier for me jumping into this rather than another musical endeavor, is that I feel like Dan’s music is really cinematic and visual. Any time he would send me a track to start writing to, I would see images of movies, I would feel that kind of vibe. The characters that came out of this felt like a role that I really wanted to play that was part me, part an embellishment of me. Those are the kinds of roles I tend to veer towards, anyway, so that was kind of perfect.
TOM: On your record, you guys are influenced by ‘60s pop, music that’s older than you are. Have you guys been listening to this music since you were younger?
Winstead: I’ve listened to ‘60s music since I was a kid. I’ve been a ‘60s fan in general. About a year before I met Dan, I started going down the ‘60s French Pop rabbit hole, specifically. It was fortuitous that we met and he had this idea to do something French Pop-inspired, and I was at the time really into that genre of music. I hadn’t really discovered it until I was in my early 20s or so. I definitely became really into it at that point. It was one of those weird coincidental moments.
TOM: What’s next for Got A Girl? Will there be more shows? More new music?
Nakamura: We’re both in businesses where we’re both very busy. I really enjoy working with Mary. If it makes sense, we’ll do more.
Winstead: it’s all about timing. We both have a lot of fun doing this project. It tooks us five years to get here, so you never know what’s gonna happen.
Nakamura: I feel like, in spirit, we’ll continue to do shows, and make more music. it just has to fall into place.
Winstead: Yeah.