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New Faults Video Interviews

Now that Faults is out, here are some new video interviews Mary, Riley and Leland did during a press day earlier this week to promote the film. You can rent it or buy it on iTunes or Vimeo.

ComingSoon also caught up with the cast and you can view their video interview by clicking on the link.

And finally, ShockTillYouDrop interviewed Mary about her new series, The Returned debuting Monday night at 10pm on A&E. Read the full interview by clicking on the link provided:

Shock: Were you familiar with the French series when this came around?

Winstead: I was familiar with it in the sense that I had heard of it from friends who have really good taste and had told me that it was a great show, but I hadn’t seen it. Then Carlton contacted me about it and I watched the first episode and thought it was so beautiful. But I decided not to watch any more after that because I knew that I would be totally attached to the way that they did it, particularly with the acting, so I didn’t want to be too swayed by that.

Shock: If someone is going through grief, does having the returned come back actually interrupt that natural process?

Winstead: That’s definitely one of the questions the show explores. There was a question posed at the panel, who would you want to come back? I’m like you. I’ve really only had people die when it was their time, so for me that thought seems really odd and unnatural. It seems like it was right for them to pass when they passed. That’s sort of the natural law of things, but I can only imagine if you had something as traumatizing as a child lost, or someone lost before it was their time to go, how desperately you would want them to be able to come back and how much you would hope for something like that. But, is it a good or bad thing? It’s questionable.