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New Alex of Venice Poster!!

A brand new poster for Mary’s upcoming film Alex of Venice, directed by ‘The Mindy Project’s’Chris Messina has hit the web via ET. Head to the gallery to check out the brand new poster! A release date has also been revealed–April 17th!

Speaking with ET, Messina had this to say about Mary’s performance in the film:

Thankfully, it seems, this time he had an incredible cast to lean on, including Winstead (Smashed, The Spectacular Now) and Don Johnson, as Alex’s father who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. For the former, Messina says of her casting, “Women that age, unfortunately, there aren’t enough roles for them. We had a lot of really great people wanting to do it, but Mary came in and she’s just an extraordinary actress.”

Her turn in Alex of Venice is just as extraordinary, playing one of those flawed, complex female protagonists that cinema desperately needs more of. “I recognize myself in movies when nobody is bad or good, we’re just human,” Chris said on the subject. “You can look at me, myself, Chris, and you could say ‘Oh, he seemed OK in this interview’ and then I hang up this phone and start yelling at someone in my car. We’re just human we make mistakes and we’re complicated, and that’s what I saw in [Alex.]”