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Mary Attends Winter TCA Panel; New ‘Fargo’ Details Revealed


The Television Critics’ Association (TCA) Panel is in full swing and FX had several panels going on today, including one for the third season of Fargo. Below are several highlights of what we’ve learned so far about the upcoming season and be sure to head to the gallery to see the photos:

  • The new 10-episode season jumps ahead to the technology-friendly 2010 (four years after season 1), and presents the latest Midwestern “true crime” story, whose details are yet unclear. Filming began Friday in Calgary, where temperatures hovered in the negative double digits last week.
  • Mary will play Nikki Swango, a parolee who’s “smart and street savvy, with the capacity for conniving” and a dark side,” she says. “But she has a heart.” Her character is also dating Ray Stussy (a dual role by Ewan McGregor where he plays twins).
  • Exec producer Warren Littlefield says this season is keeping it to about 11 main and recurring characters. “The important thing about Year Three is intimacy,” Littlefield said. “It’s a smaller cast. Year Two was a large war, so in Year Three we live within these characters.”
  • Other tidbits (via various twitter users during today’s panel):

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead says the cast is told to play their characters as if they could become the hero or villain at any moment. She also said that she’s drawn to things that are “funny, sad, and scary.”

    Winstead also said the movie “Fargo” is one of her favorite films. When she got the call, she immediately said yes even though at first, she was initially nervous when she heard they were making a series about it.

    Her character’s intelligence and cunning are what make her the “cat” and/or “clarinet” of “Fargo”.

    Lastly, the show will premiere some time in April, but no date has been set as of yet.